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November 07, 2006

For California Voters...

I'm leaving this link at the top until polls close on Tuesday.

Click here if you want to refer to my California ballot proposition recommendations.

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Mailed my ballot in last week, voted the Annica party line!

Posted by: wayne on Nov. 7, 2006

Thanks Ms. Annie. I just voted. Living in mid-town/downtown Sac means that the poll worker gave me a dirty look when learning that I am, gasp, a Republican. The scowl was fucking priceless. Of course, the very fact that I'm a Rep, and she likely a useless welfare grubbing Dem can generally provide a contrast between us: I'm likely smarter, better educated, and make more fucking money. Yeah, take that you commie judgemental be-yatch!

I realize that it was 7:30 AM, but turnout at my polling place, which is always busy on Presidential years, was dead this morning. Good for us because I live in a solid "Blue" part of town.

Posted by: blu on Nov. 7, 2006

The Democrat mantra has started this morning: "voting irregularities."

How can the MSM allow the party that invented and continues to refine voting fraud get away with such ridiculous hypocrisy? Stupid question as the MSM has tried to supress Rep voting by claiming for the past 6 months that the Dems were guranteed victory today.

A Rep hold in both the House and Senate will be as sweet as a Presidential win for me. The MSM bias during this cycle is the worst I've ever seen.

Posted by: blu on Nov. 7, 2006

I hope you report the results on these propositions. It is difficult for us outside of California to find out what happened.

Posted by: Jake on Nov. 7, 2006