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September 25, 2006

Award Winning Fauxtography

Fans of photoshopped news photography might want to check out this one, which won a Pullitzer Prize, which I suppose is a lot like Yasser Arafat winning the Nobel Peace Prize. The photographer (and I assume, the digital manipulator) was none other than terrorist associate and propagandist Bilal Hussein, now in the custody of American forces.

A commenter to The Jawa Report broke this story, so check out Howie's post for more details. The dude "sitting on air" is the clincher.

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this is a really threatening shot. I wonder what the photographer was doing there, right in the middle of war scene?

Posted by: Mr. Drug Rehab on Sep. 25, 2006

Pullitzer Prize for photography is given only if the picture is Photoshopped.

Posted by: Jake on Sep. 25, 2006

Terrorists again…it is sadly. Why did it won the prize? I cannot believe that there were not other pictures which could win the prize. I hate all that it is connected with terrorism and I hope that this war will end soon and peace, love, hope and gladness will replace it.

Posted by: Heart on Sep. 26, 2006

Was that serious? Or just a 3nd grader?

Posted by: blu on Sep. 26, 2006

"3nd" - LOL.
Apparently, I'm the "3nd" grader. Teaches me to be mean to little kids.

Posted by: blu on Sep. 26, 2006