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September 19, 2006

Ahmadi-Nejad Makes A Good Point About The Uselessness Of The U.N.

First of all, if anyone knows where I can find a transcript of Ahmadi-Nejad's speech please link me to it.

I've been surfing the cable news channels on TV tonight, and now I know much more than I ever need to know about that baby they found, I haven't seen a single show mention anything about half-pint's speech.

Here's a quote from anti-American, pro-terrorist Associated Press's account of the speech:

"The question needs to be asked: if the governments of the United States or the United Kingdom, who are permanent members of the Security Council, commit aggression, occupation and violation of international law, which of the U.N. organs can take them into account?," he asked.

"If they have differences with a nation or state, they drag it to the Security Council," and take the roles of "prosecutor, judge and executioner," he said. "Is this a just order?"

He pointed to Lebanese suffering during the recent Israel-Hezbollah war as an example.

"We witnessed the Security Council ... was practically incapacitated by certain powers to even call for a cease-fire," he said, referring to the fact that the conflict lasted 34 days despite calls for an immediate truce.

Ahmadi-Nejad was trying to slam the U.S. and Britain, but on the way there he made an excellent point. The structure of the United Nations has proven itself to be unworkable, if the purpose is to solve international crises. The General Assembly has never had any real power, and was never intended to have any. The Security Council has never been able to act decisively because of the veto power (with the exception of the Korean War, which was an unusual situation that proves the rule).

I say scrap the U.N. Scrap the whole thing. We don't need it, and it does more harm than good. The legitimacy it is supposed to afford is only an illusion. Witness the string of unenforced and unenforceable resolutions regarding Sudan, Rwanda, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, etc. It's incapable of producing a consensus on the really important stuff, and then the lack of consensus is used to thwart perfectly legitimate actions.

Maybe we should keep some sort of administrative body for UNICEF* and shit like that, but get rid of the rest of that utopian nonsense once and for all.

* I'm not really sure what UNICEF is, but I think it has something to do with "the children."

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The purpose of the UN is to bring tinhorn despots into the fleshpot of NYC, let them taste the good life, put a few sheckles in thier pockets, and send them home with a hook in them. The mistake is to think that the body has a purpose beyond that. The real usefulness of the UN is as a conduit for intelligence, and all real espionage works below the radar.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 19, 2006

Your question is a legitimate one, which has been asked by various people over the last several decades. But before we commit ourselves to this, we need to ask ourselves what a UN-less world would be like. Clearly bilateral negotiations would become more important, but to be honest, that's pretty much what goes on today.

Without a UN, could a group of nations obtain moral backing for a Kuwait liberation-type action?

Then again, without a UN, could a group of nations obtain "moral" backing for an "Israel sucks"-type resolution?

There is another alternative, in which the United States quits the UN and tells it to pack its bags and head to Geneva, or perhaps Gaza City. Some would argue that this is a win-win for everyone, since the US wouldn't have to finance the UN any more, and the UN would be free to pass any danged resolution that they wanted to pass.

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Sep. 19, 2006

The speech can be found at: http://www.nu.org/webcast/ga/61/pdfs/iran-e.pdf (but replace NU with UN... had to do this to get through the Annikafilter)

Posted by: mitchell porter on Sep. 19, 2006

I've had this debate with a colleague of mine several times over the years. I'm with you. (What's more, it's not as if a U.N. with real power would be an improvement: Some large proportion of the governments that participate in the U.N. are illegitimate if, like me, you see legitimacy as a function of free elections.) Much like Ontario Emperor, my colleague thinks the U.N. is worthwhile because: (1) it has all the features Ahmadi-Nejad complains about and (2) many people nevertheless seem to give a shit what the U.N. says. In other words, he likes it because it can't really hurt us, and it can give an air of legitimacy to what we do.

I don't really buy that argument, but it's not crazy.

Posted by: Matt on Sep. 20, 2006

I have to agree with Ontario Emperor; boot their asses out of the US, and let them find someone else to give them a sandbox where they can pound sand on someone else's dime.

Posted by: BobG on Sep. 20, 2006

Somebody explain to me why the U.S.A, the greatest force for good the world has ever known, should be part of any organization that gives a forum to that fanatical, tie-less midget and that fat fucking South American pig AND gives veto power to China?

p.s. am I the only one thrilled to no longer have to listen to that condescending, anti-semitic, tyrant-coddling, crook Kofi?

Posted by: Blu on Sep. 20, 2006


I really liked Chavez's remark about the smell of sulpher. Very powerful olfactory allusion designed to reach our primitive limbic areas and far more sophisticated than saying it still smelled like a lying sack of shit had been standing there.

W's remarks were such stultifying bullshit I watched like I watch an NF patient on the subway; mesmorized by the horror. Unfortunately the NF patient will die an agonizing death and W may not.

Posted by: Strawman on Sep. 20, 2006

SULPHUR, christ and I studied chemistry once

Posted by: Strawman on Sep. 20, 2006

Specifics please. What exactly was bullshit?

Unlike the pig and the midget, Bush sounded rational. Perhaps as a commited communist you have special abilities to extract capitalist BS where the rest of us just sit around dumbfounded.

Please enlighten us poor, stupid peasants.

Posted by: blu on Sep. 20, 2006

Sorry Blu,

No time tonight to set you straight. Without any irony I tell you I am going to join my distaff side and will be seeing the HISTORY BOYS on Broadway.

As I cross the Queensboro bridge I shall roll down my window so as to catch a waft of the brimstone.

Posted by: Strawman on Sep. 20, 2006

Hmmmm, I wonder if a nuclear chain reaction smells like brimstone? No doubt you'll smell it soon enough, and you like your Nazi bund forebearers will have had a hand in it.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 20, 2006

Correctemundo as usual Blu. Not only do we let these nutf-----s insult our president on our soil, we also seem to be (with some uncorrupted allies) the only country to actually take action when a U.N. 'resolution' is dissed. (Iraq)

Audible laughter after what Chavez said- unbelievable. Perhaps they should take him up on his offer and move the whole stinking shit tank to Caracas!

Posted by: Mike C. on Sep. 20, 2006
I am going to join my distaff side and will be seeing the HISTORY BOYS on Broadway.

More like, keeping going two blocks to the Port Authority. There, in the shitter, you'll have your BOYS (and paramour Chavez) stretch your leather starfish into the next Grand Canyon.

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Sep. 20, 2006

I've never heard of a chocolate (or choccy) starfish being called that before.

Posted by: reagan80 on Sep. 21, 2006

Jesus... where have I been?

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 21, 2006

Hmmmm, I wonder if a nuclear chain reaction smells like brimstone? No doubt you'll smell it soon enough, and you like your Nazi bund forebearers will have had a hand in it.


What the fuck are you talking about? My forebearers were isolationists? I'm afraid they were all christians you dope.

Hey Blu,

I saw Bill Gates at the theater last night. Great play too.


Sounds like you are trying to displace Casca as the sites resident neanderthal?

Posted by: Strawman on Sep. 21, 2006

"I saw Bill Gates"

Well, I wish you would have bitch slapped that fuck for me cuz Word is being a pain in my ass today!

Posted by: blu on Sep. 21, 2006