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September 10, 2006

Today's Homily

The churches around here suck. Here's a direct quote from today's homily:

What if, instead of bombing Afghanistan, we had dropped food, medicine and ecucation?
What an idiot.

Did that priest ever stop to think that dropping food and medicine is exactly what we tried to do in Somalia? And Somalia is one of the reasons cited by Osama Bin Ladin himself for attacking us?

The problem is not the needy people in the world. It's the guys with guns that want to kill us. That priest, if he really wants to do some good, should head on over to Afghanistan himself and try to convert the Taliban. He'd either save some lives, or more likely, he'd get an education real quick.

If you want to pray for peace, try asking God to grant victory to the brave men and women fighting terrorism overseas and at home.

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The food would have been destroyed as being unclean, since it wasn't goat penis. The medicine? Shitcanned. The education? Put in a field and have howiter and RPG rounds fired at it.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 11, 2006


I can't tell what you are saying about Binny and Somalia. Binny attacked us because we dropped food on Somalia or Binny attacked us for things not realated to food and Somalia.

I tried praying to god for victory and he told me that train had already left the station since spreading terror was their goal they seemed to have won. They convinced us to spend 300 billion dollars we didn't have, to get an equal number of soldiers killed as they did civilians at the WTC and the toppling of a government they hated. He thought they had done pretty well for them selves considering they used our planes and only a handfull of warriors.

What should I pray for next? Cash for the treasury? Enough bullets to kill a billion Muslims? Any hints?

Posted by: Strawman on Sep. 11, 2006

I'm just impressed that Straw has a direct pipeline from God. Kinda like that actor in that one episode of Highway to Heaven, where Michael Landon said that even he didn't get to see God, even though he was an angel who'd been Melissa Gilbert's father, or something.

Posted by: Leif on Sep. 11, 2006

"What if, instead of bombing Afghanistan, we had dropped food, medicine and ecucation?"

1. How exactly does one drop "education"?

2. Re food, medicine: We DID! Doesn't this dumbass remember? It was criticized at the time; I distinctly remember the slams on food (What Afghani eats peanut butter? The food packets are the same color as ordinance", etc.).

It's gullible to the point of being pollyannaish to think that avoiding fighting will avoid war. It merely accomplishes the opposite.

And to answer his question: What would happen? The Afghanis would still be oppressed by the Taliban. And none of us anywhere would be any safer.

Posted by: ElMondoHummus on Sep. 11, 2006

I'm glad to hear that Strawman is a fiscal conservative now. I'm also glad to hear that he doesn't approve of our government's liberal social engineering policies either.

Posted by: reagan80 on Sep. 11, 2006

Giving food and medicine is easy but giving education and kindness hoping that we will receive at least a bit of understanding from the other side it’s the hard part. Let’s pray for the best for every single being here and everywhere in the world.

Posted by: flower on Sep. 11, 2006

I always laugh out loud when I read this. From the pen of WFB, enjoy:

Writing a generation ago in his novel (Pictures from an Institution) about the adamantly fair-minded liberal faculty wife, Randall Jarrell said, "If [Flo] had been told that Benton College, and [her husband] Jerrold, and [her son] John, and [her daughter] Fern, and their furniture had been burned to ashes by the head of the American Federation of Labor, who had then sown salt over the ashes, she would have sobbed and said, at last-she could do no other-'I think that we ought to hear his side of the case before we make up our minds.'"

That's a shoutout for all the fucktards who can't see the forest for the trees.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 11, 2006

"What should I pray for next?"

A clue, a brain, wisdom, intellect, an education, sobriety, class, taste, spirituality, knowledge, humility, common sense, and a mind free of marxist brainwashing.

Too bad your prayers will go unanswered because you are a such a colossal ass.

Posted by: kyle8 on Sep. 11, 2006

Since you asked, Straw, I would advise you to pray for your own ass, and hope that Casca's kid and his buddies never find your address.

It is the likes of you that kills our guys overseas, just as surely as if you were there pulling the trigger on a sniper rifle or pushing a cell phone button to detonate a cowardly IED.

And, pray for our guys to overcome your stupidity and save your own worthless ass from the IED's in your hometown while you are at it.

We will spend hundreds of billions more to beat these asshoes if we have to, but beat them we will, and the cut and run group as well.

We are smarter, tougher and more determied than they, despite the albatrosses like you that we carry around our necks.

Posted by: shelly on Sep. 11, 2006

I hope you refused the offeratory basket.

Posted by: richj on Sep. 11, 2006

I feel for you there I have pro-illegal, pro-child molestor protecting, leftweed whacko Mahoney down here.

Posted by: the Pirate on Sep. 11, 2006

i did, rich

Posted by: annika on Sep. 12, 2006

Shelly dearest,

Please stop the chest beating, threats and school yard bravado. You're an officer of the court for christ sakes. Whats next? Bearing your teeth like a big kodiak? My address is available for any that care to look whilst you are, of course, anonymous.

I think what is demonstrable is that guys like you get our children killed everyday with your armchair patriotism and careless regard for human life. And as long as it is someone else’s son or daughter you are loud and proud. You are a pontificating ass, smug and I am sure insulated from the "terrorist" fray but inoculated with fear none the less.

The only dead thing America carries around its neck is the failed policies GB and friends who have lied to you in just the way you like, the way that panders to you baser instincts. “Kill the assholes!” Very poetic and surly, too.

Don’t get me wrong Shell, I like you like a brother, Casca too, and I think there truly is an enemy out there. I just don't think there is a plan for success afoot. Beating up on Iraq makes no sense. Letting Binny escape so as to not loose momentum toward Iraq was the height of cynicism, and the number of those who hate America and are committed to her destruction grows day by day. It is not necessary for there to be an Al Qaeda to organize them. Groups will affiliate spontaneously catalyzed by their rage and launch attacks as they see fit. Ten guys with hand grenades could destroy the movie industry in America if over a ten week period they blew up a theater a week. Five Ali’s with bags of baking soda could shut down the NYC subways every day for a week. We are not safer now, we cannot ever be safe, and that is why short of praying for a billon rounds of ammo, this whole plan of confrontation is childish, murderous mayhem posing as a policy.

Get a grip Shelly, what good has come of the last 5 years of struggle?

Posted by: Strawman on Sep. 12, 2006

Six days after the capture of Saddam, Libya admitted that they had a nuclear weapons program and agreed to dismantle their WMD's under unconditional inspections.

Before the war, there were 4 rogue nations suspected of having nuclear weapons programs. That has been halved so far, unless if Pakistan turns jihadist, post-Musharraf.

Though, I'm having second thoughts about the administration's Wilsonian nation-building effort in Iraq.

Posted by: reagan80 on Sep. 12, 2006


Qudaffi just looked for a better economic outcome and got it. He had no real program.

Posted by: Strawman on Sep. 12, 2006