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September 09, 2006

Saturday Sports Questions

1. Troy Smith and Colt McCoy are some great quarterback names. How could either of those guys play any other position?

2. If USC goes to number 2 this week, will we see a repeat of the great Casca/Shelly comments debate of 2005?

3. How many times did you say "shutup Musburger" during tonight's game?

4. Maria Sharapova is awesome. I know, that's not a question, but she is.

5. Penn State looked fugly today. Weren't they number three last year?

6. How will Emmit do this season? With Cheryl coaching him, I say he'll do better than Jerry.

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1 - Troy Smith is kinda generic, I could see him playing anywhere. Colt McCoy would make a great running back (he'd be a workhorse).

2 - probably

3 - didn't see the game, but it probably would have made for a great drinking game had I seen it

4 - yes, yes she is

5 - they lost their quarterback, and ND is flat out better. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see this game either (I was at a first birthday party for a cousin)

6 - huh?

Posted by: KG on Sep. 9, 2006

Well, the big game ended up pretty much as I suspected Colt is an up and coming QB but we have to remember that just last year he was in High school, and that made a big difference.
Now the big game will be Notre Dame VRs Ohio State in just a few weeks. As usual, USC cruises without any real opponants. Look for the game between LSU and Tennesee, whoever comes out of that one alive might be the favorite to go to the big game.

Posted by: kyle8 on Sep. 9, 2006

There are no "real opponents" for USC to play in the PAC 10 this year, or most years. But Cal always give us trouble in Strawberry Canyon, and we are in the Coliseum this year for the Golden Bears, who, incidentally found their game yesterday, a week late.

If you think Notre Dame is ever a "cruise", than you aren't much of a fan; fortunately, Touchdown Jesus will not see the likes of us this year, as we are home to them as well. But the Catholics are everywhere, they have their share of rooters in LA, believe me. I live with one.

Finally, UCLA is never a cruise. A good season is when we beat either UCLA or Notre Dame; a great season is when we beat both. The rest of the teams are usually just warm ups, although Cal can be tough to beat at home, as I said above. We've played in the Rose Bowl so often, it is just like home anyway, and our fans fill it up by buying out the UCLA kids' tickets.

Finally, USC will play OSU in the National Championship Game, which I believe is in Tempe this year at Sun Devil Stadium. OSU is the real thing this year; Woody was rolling in his grave as they passed a lot, but their D definitely shut down Texas, as Dick Cheney would say "Big Time".

USC's D is the fastest and biggest we've had in the Carroll era. But it is young and untested, really.

By the time we get to Tempe, we'll be ready for the Nutmegs. Will they be ready for us, is the question?

Posted by: shelly on Sep. 10, 2006

Heh, I'd have been here earlier, but I have a woman who expects hot sex on a Sunday morning.

1. I'll stipulate to that.

2. I'll stipulate to that.

3. Heh, THREE times, NO SHIT! And, it was STFU Mburger! I've almost learned to tune him out. But in the old boys defense, he's no Keith Jackass, whom I'd like to physically hurt.

4. Russian chicks usually are.

5. Last season was a fluke, Akron almost had their ass last week, and worth mentioning Akron beat NC State with a fabulously coached last minute score with no time left on the clock yesterday.

6. From the cut I saw, think Grandmaster P.

Heh Kyle, what's all this shit about "he was a high school QB last year"? That fucking horse has been going to camps and clinics with his high school coach dad for twenty years! He took shots from the OSU pass rush and rolled right back. Give a little love where it's deserved. Ohio State reloaded. If you think that Jim Tressel is going to show up without a defense, then you haven't been paying attention. He's all about defense, offense is the icing! Mack Brown was out-coached yesterday.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 10, 2006

For the record, ND doesn't play the Buckeyes this year. I think they got enough last year. Still the best football game I ever attended was the 1985 ND USC game in the Coliseum. It was cold and pouring rain in November, and by halftime the only people left in the stands were about 5000 crazy Catholics screaming for the domers. It was a slugfest in the mud, and USC lost. At the end of the game, we were all down at the tunnel screaming for ND as they came off the field covered with mud.

When I go to the ND website, they say the score was something outrageous, but I recall them winning 5 to 3 on a safety. It was one of Gerry Faust's few bright moments.

Another item worth remembering, when Ohio State beat USC for the National Championship in 1968, OJ came to the OSU locker room, and told the Buckeyes that they were the greatest team that he'd ever seen. So much for OJ not having any class.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 10, 2006

1. Agreed, Colt is slightly better given he has the perfect name to play QB in Texas.

2. I have no idea. But a undefeated ND vs. an undefeated USC would be awesome.

3. Watched in a bar, didn't hear him.

4. Yes.

5. That game was not the repeat of the 1992 snow bowl.

6. No Clue.

Posted by: the Pirate on Sep. 10, 2006

What an amazing woman ;)

Posted by: Scof on Sep. 11, 2006