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August 29, 2006

Katherine Harris

I don't really know much about the Florida Senate race, beyond the widely reported comments of Katherine Harris. And you all know how I feel about the so-called "separation" of church and state. But I just got done listening to Medved's interview with Harris on the radio, and even Medved, a sympathetic questioner, couldn't prevent her from coming off as a complete idiot.

Well hell, she's an embarassment, but why should the Democrats have a monopoly on bubbleheads in Congress?

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This woman is a train wreck. If she had any brains or stones in 2000, she'd have stepped on the Dade County Board of Elections, and kept the SCOTUS out of it. She was the fucking Sec of State, and arbiter of election law in FL!

That she is the Rep Candidate for Senate says alot about the party down there. Worst of all, she's going to end up a tragic, broke, loser, and cost us the seat.

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 29, 2006

Yup she is everything you said she is, but that ole gal got a nice set of cans.

Posted by: kyle8 on Aug. 29, 2006

She's a total wackjob. Given the lack of a primary runnoff here in Florida, I still believe there's an outside possibility one of her relatively unknown primary opponents could beat her: it would probably require Charlie Crist, the likely gubernatorial nominee, to endorse one of them so that anti-Harris votes don't split three ways.

Posted by: Dave J on Aug. 29, 2006

When is the primary?

As for her cans, at least she won't go hungry.

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 29, 2006

The primary's Tuesday which, yes, I know means what I wrote above is pretty much just wishful thinking.

Posted by: Dave J on Aug. 29, 2006

I listened to her primary opponent on Medved's show earlier in the week. He certainly wasn't an idiot, but he didn't blow me away either. We're gonna lose that seat.

And, yeah, she's got great tits.

Posted by: Blu on Aug. 29, 2006

Bush's Gift Horse has Hoof in Mouth, again!

Hello Annika and all,

This gets to the root of the problem of deluded and greedy politicians who seek to impose their own ignorance on millions of others. Because of our reliance on money, politics, and religion, we are teetering on the verge of worldwide disaster. Idiots like Ms. Harris couldn't care less about everyone else as long as they get their hands on wealth and power, even if it means pretending to serve the Creator. It is long past time that people stand up for truth and justice and give these scoundrels their due.

Read the rest here...


Posted by: Seven Star Hand on Aug. 30, 2006

Katherine Harris may be foolish... you sir are industriously so.

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 30, 2006