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July 18, 2006

27 Across

27 Across: Something to do as you go?

Three letters, starts with a "P" and I'm shocked--shocked!--the answer isn't "pee."

Posted by Victor, Jul. 18, 2006 | TrackBack (0)


Bzzt! What is pay?

Oh, right; we're waiting for Annika to come back . . . .

Posted by: Leif on Jul. 18, 2006

Is this like "Waiting for Godot" or "Waiting for Lefty"?

Posted by: shelly on Jul. 18, 2006


Posted by: Kevin on Jul. 18, 2006

Right you are, Leif, and in recognition, you are awarded bragging rights.

Shelly, it's more like, "waiting for annika." Patience, good sir, patience.

Posted by: Victor on Jul. 19, 2006