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June 23, 2006

The King And I

If I had an internet messenger chat with Larry King, i think it might go a little bit like this:

larrykinglive: tonight, a journey from private heartbreak to internet superstardom with annika. she shares memories and family secrets and more in an emotional hour next on LARRY KING LIVE

annikagyrl: wha?

larrykinglive: hello annika!

annikagyrl: who are you?

larrykinglive: A great pleasure to welcome to LARRY KING LIVE, annika becker, of annika's journal, we'll get to your calls in a moment. but first annika, why blogging?

annikagyrl: what do you mean?

larrykinglive: did it surprise you how popular blogs have become?

annikagyrl: is that you Jason? cut it out.

larrykinglive: you were diagnosed as bi-polar schizophrenic with homicidal tendencies as a child. did that affect you growing up?

annikagyrl: wha? are you on something dude?

larrykinglive: do you enjoy blogging?

annikagyrl: umm yeah

larrykinglive: speaking of um yeah, he'll be our guest on LARRY KING LIVE tomorrow night. we're on with annika becker of annika's journal. Do you get many trolls?

annikagyrl: actually the people who comment at my site are mostly all nice... there was this one guy who..

larrykinglive: ...let's take some calls. pompano beach florida, hello

callerdude: hi annika, big fan here

larrykinglive: did you have a question for our guest?

annikagyrl: this is really weird. are you sure you're not some kind of bot?

callerdude: I just wanted to say that you're just great. Up until you i found you, I was reading margret cho's blog but you totally set me straight,

annikagyrl: oh that's good. i'm glad you stopped reading that awful blog

callerdude: oh no i read you both, i think youre both just great

larrykinglive: do you enjoy reading other people's blogs?

annikagyrl: yes, i try to whenever i can,

larrykinglive: barbra streisand has a blog

annikagyrl: does she, i didn't think she did

larrykinglive: marvelous voice don't you think

annikagyrl: well, i guess, she's not one of my favorites

larrykinglive: rosie o'donnell has a blog it's very funny

annikagyrl: it's horrible, she's a terrible writer

larrykinglive: have you ever thought about entering politics?

annikagyrl: actually when i was little, i wanted to be president

larrykinglive: the first lesbian president...

annikagyrl: im not a lesbian

larrykinglive: it says here you're a lesbian

annikagyrl: where?

larrykinglive: on your blog

annikagyrl: i think you must be looking at rosie's blog

larrykinglive: oh your right, i am. Austin texas, you're on with annika becker

callerchick: yes hello annika, i'm a bi-polar schizophrenic with homicidal tendencies too, i was wondering if you had any drug recommendations?

larrykinglive: any drug recommendations... annika?

annikagyrl: drug recommendations? but i am not a schizophrenic, i don't know why you said that, i think you're on drugs

larrykinglive: did you enjoy rehab?

annikagyrl: what the fucxx?

larrykinglive: many talented people suffer from mental disorders. Next week, Tom Cruise will be on the show. Let's get another call. Mapleside Maryland, hello...

confusedcaller: hello annika

annikagyrl: hello

confusedcaller: first i want to say i love you and i think you're great

annikagyrl: well thanks

confusedcaller: is there any chance you might try to qualify for another PGA event?

larrykinglive: another PGA in your future annika?

annikagyrl: i'm not that annika

larrykinglive: michelle wie can really hit the ball, are you two friends?

annikagyrl: i dont even play golf

larrykinglive: right now we go to west chenango, new york. hello

liberalcaller: i think you're a worthless no-talent whore and a shill, you're bad for america, and only an idiot cares what you say. i'm going to have a party the day you quit, which i hope is soon because i cant fucking stand you and you make me sick

annikagyrl: well, i don't know how to respond to that...

liberalcaller: actually i was talking to larry

larrykinglive: Next week Celine Dion! we have time for one more call. Rubidoux, California, hello

annikagyrl: i love the name of that town

larrykinglive: don't you? it's fun to say. rubidoux rubidoux rubidoux

rubycaller: hello annika?

larrykinglive: rubidoux ruby rubidoux

annikagyrl: lol

rubycaller: i was wondering annika, what's the deal with the pumpkin?

larrykinglive: that's all the time we have. Tomorrow night on LARRY KING WEEKEND, we'll talk with Bill Maher. Boy, can he tell a joke, right annika.

annikagyrl: not really

larrykinglive: Until then, arrivaderci.

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"larrykinglive: speaking of um yeah, he'll be our guest on LARRY KING LIVE tomorrow night. we're on with annika becker of annika's journal. Do you get many trolls?"


Posted by: Radical Redneck on Jun. 24, 2006

"actually, I was talking to Larry"


Posted by: Ted on Jun. 24, 2006

That was hilarious! Thanks.

Posted by: Alabama Improper on Jun. 24, 2006

Ok...my comment keeps getting kicked back for questionable content.
There was no question in my mind what I was trying to say. It was clean and respectable (in my opinion)
Maybe it was when I said something about you fant a siz i ng about Larry King?

Nope...it was my URL there is a d and an e before the dot com.
Your server saw the and thought I was some sort of German or something...what do you have against Germans?

Posted by: muzik on Jun. 24, 2006

You let Dum Yeah hang out here? HAHAHA! He's banned all over the internets!

Posted by: Beth on Jun. 25, 2006

I've notified the CNN authorities, you'll be hearing from their attorneys shortly. Nobody uses LarryKing's likeness without written permission.

Posted by: Preston on Jun. 25, 2006

That was brilliant, Annika!

Posted by: Beth on Jun. 25, 2006

Hysterical! Hysterical! I loved it.

Posted by: Janette on Jun. 26, 2006

I tried to call but the lines were busy. I had a question about shoes.

Posted by: Victor on Jun. 26, 2006