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May 31, 2006

Wednesday Is Poetry Day

I blogged about starlings once before. I guess it's time to do it again.

If you love birds like I do, check out Joelle Biele's poetry.

To a Group of Starlings

All day you’ve chased the nuthatch, the titmouse,
the purple finches in the trees, and now
you strut down the street like overgrown boys,
raccoon coats hiding your matchstick legs,
the sidewalk your grand runway, and you’re
boys on newspaper boxes, little drummers
playing buckets and pails, shoe-shine men calling,
hustlers, shiny watches, the old shell game.
Bird of midnight sheen, of oil and ink,
of trashcans in the alley, you’re
my hard-times bird, my hand’s shadow.
You swarm over the roofs like thought
before it falls, you shoot from the furnace
with the coming rain, dirty stars, faraway flames.

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Rubric: Poetry


Annie, that's the best poem I've seen in a while -- lovely. Thank you. "my hard-times bird"... right on.

Posted by: Hugo Schwyzer on May. 31, 2006

Hugo, i actually thought of you when i picked it. i thought "I bet Hugo would like this one."

Posted by: annika on May. 31, 2006