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May 25, 2006

Musical Chairs At The CIA

Newsweek has more background on the internal feud that led to Porter Goss's surprise resignation. It's an interesting story that involves a Clinton era fuck-up in Belgrade. Well, Goss thought it was a fuck-up, but CIA thought it wasn't. Goss was chair of the House Intelligence Committee at the time, and the dispute carried over into his short lived DCI term. It sounds like Goss was doomed from the start. When he was appointed to head the CIA, he inherited the same enemies he made as Intelligence Committee chairman. It was just a matter of time before he left or got kicked out.

One wonders why Bush would select Goss to a head an agency where the top guys already had an axe to grind against him. That couldn't have been the plan, since Hayden is now planning to re-hire a guy who quit because of Goss -- as Hayden's new deputy! What a mess.

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I always want to look at things through a political lens. Sometimes though things are about other stuff like personality, relationships, vanity, loyalty, and even just plain, stupid pride.

It's so much easier to blame the fucking Democrats! :-)

Posted by: Blu on May. 25, 2006

The Democrats get the blame because they hire fuck-ups.

What I don't understand is why anyone is surprised at the antics at the CIA.

They are fucking SPIES!!! The play games. That's what they do.

Posted by: shelly on May. 25, 2006

My hope and maybe the President's was that Goss would clean house and get rid off all the dead weight in the CIA.

The CIA contains thousands of needless left-wing bureaucrats whose only function is to stop the flow of information. They stop the changes wanted by the policy makers from reaching the field workers. They stop the findings of the field workers from reaching the policy makers.

Their career goals are to keep their jobs until they retire and that drives their daily actions. They all put this country in danger and they all should be fired and not replaced.

It shows you hard it is to clean up a government agency.

Posted by: Jake on May. 25, 2006

It's been all downhill since James Jesus Angleton. All of government is nothing but self-serving toadies.

Posted by: Casca on May. 25, 2006

Who of us here really knows anything about what the true machinations are at Langley? It is easy to build rumour on rumour, but what is the actual veracity of the last blog we read on this subject? There is so much spin going on that we run the risk of vertigo with nothing else to plant our feet on.

Posted by: will on May. 26, 2006