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November 18, 2005

Joke Of The Day

CBS Evening News anchor Bob Schieffer, on why all three major networks reported Rep. Murtha's "we must surrender" speech as the most important news story of the day:

Politicians make speeches all the time. Some matter and some don't. It was our opinion that this one mattered.
No word yet on why CBS didn't consider a recent "we must win" speech by the freakin' President of the United States in the same light.

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Bob who?

Posted by: kyle on Nov. 18, 2005

Thank God so few listen to Schieffer. As for Murtha, he had a good day or two in the field thirty-odd years ago. Yesterday he brought shame to himself in a way that will be remembered by those who once respected him, while his NEW friends will have forgotten everything that he's ever done the day after the last GI has left Iraq. Pity to see an old warrior piss himself like that.

Posted by: Casca on Nov. 18, 2005


The freakin president is just that; a freak who has such diminished credibility and sagacity that no one is listening. What's freakin really had to believe is that he once did! There is no winning this bone headed assault on the laughably named "terrorism" and all but the delusional are coming around to see this clearly.

Posted by: strawman on Nov. 18, 2005


And yet the news outlets maintain that they are objective and neutral... uh-huh...

Posted by: The Law Fairy on Nov. 18, 2005

Oh Strawman, I know you're used to circles where if you draw on your pipe and say something that seems important as you blow your smoke rings, people will be in awe. Here, my man, you're going to have to do a little better.

Posted by: Pursuit on Nov. 18, 2005


It's exactly that defeatist attitude you and your liberal brethren possess that has the potential to cost us this war on terror.

I wish you all could see the price we'd all pay if President Bush didn't have the balls to stand up to the critics and do what he knows in his heart is right by actually stepping up to the plate and confronting terrorism.

If we hadn't taken a stand on terrorism, the terrorists would have continued their GLOBAL campaign. It would have cost, quite possibly, millions of lives in all corners of the world, increasing with the virulent nature of extremist influence. Maybe not in our lifetime, but most assuredly in our children's.

The terrorists won't stop unless confronted (as we are doing) or until they establish their global caliphate and turn all of us infidels (including you liberal dipshits) into slaves.

That is the mission of the terrorist, in black and white, and until you idiots realize that and get behind this mission, it will continue.


Posted by: Rob on Nov. 19, 2005

Hey Rob,

When your done reading from the Bush-Chainey fairy tale I've got a Murice Sendak you might want to look at. Also very scary and also written for 8 year olds. You are a childish spouter of scary, simplistic bullshit. The whole lure seems to have gone down your throat without any descernable gagging. Your intellectual gag reflex was apparently overcome by the scepter of divine infallibility that was rammed down your throat in a pew somewhere in the heartland. Wake up pal, the only shortage is explosives not the people willing to wear them. And, obviously, there are millions more willing to strap them on since the invasion of Iraq not fewer. You are not safer. I hope you still have your chain mail and lance in the garage. I'll venture that the horse has died.

Posted by: strawman on Nov. 19, 2005

Good point, Annika.

Now who is this "Bob" guy?

Posted by: Mark on Nov. 19, 2005


Attitudes like yours lost us Vietnam. Good job. Keep talking like that and Republicans might have 60 Senators and 240 seats come next election.

Posted by: Mark on Nov. 19, 2005

Strawman: "Your intellectual gag reflex was apparently overcome by the scepter of divine infallibility that was rammed down your throat in a pew somewhere in the heartland."

Eeeew! Yuck. I didn't come here for porn. What a creepy little pervert you are!
Sorry Strawman - no "8 year olds" here. Go fish.

Posted by: dw on Nov. 19, 2005


Vietnam was lost the day the Johnson White house lied about the provocation for the TOnkin GUlf Res.(attack on the USS Maddox) and Iraq was lost the day(s) Bush and company lied about all the connections to 911, uranium, bio agents and every other fucking thing. WHen scum lead the country to war to fight enemies that don't exit, we always lose.

When our government is run by ideologues who will lie to further their ulterior motives Democracy is the looser.


Sounds like your gag relex is intact. The only thing pornographic around here is obcenity of 2000 Americans dying to protect the Bush family fortune and rendering our country at greater risk than on September 12.

Posted by: strawman on Nov. 19, 2005

Amen, Strawman. The reason CBS didn't cover the president's speech is because he’s over, and he’s been delivering the same speech to rally sincere, god fearing folks from all walks of life into his (or his keeper’s) unjustified, illegal war since 9/11.

Believe it or not, more and more moderates who had faith in the man are finally coming to realize what we’ve known all along: this front man for the corrupt corporate interests with the most primitive of all motivations, greed, is revealing to all the world how hollow and vile their motivation and character really is.

Posted by: Biff on Nov. 19, 2005

I know a guy like these two at work. He pours all his ignorance of the world and history into conspiracy theories. It's easier than actually thinking about things, and this stuff has been with humanity always. The modern equivalent of Hitler's madness is the "neocon" screed. That this President and this administration is motivated by greed is absolutely 180 out from reality. The Clintons & Johnsons used government to get rich. The Bushes, Cheneys, Rumsfelds, with their large personal fortunes turned their backs on lives of leisure to do the hard work of governing long ignored by those who used the public trust for personal profit in the '90s. You assholes are evil, and deserve the torment that is your self-inflicted ignorance. Flame on, you disgusting parasitic shitstains. We shall succeed in spite of you.

Posted by: Casca on Nov. 19, 2005
You assholes are evil, and deserve the torment that is your self-inflicted ignorance. Flame on, you disgusting parasitic shitstains. We shall succeed in spite of you.

Perfect! I done couldn't have said it better myself.

OT: But the leftist NYT has hit yet another new low! They are now blatently Iran's apologists, printing full page ads defending Iran's nuclear ambitions.

This is nuclear powered self loathing. Aside from everything else, the NYT staff is about 80% Jewish. They can only expect the warmest treatment from their Iranian heroes. Soft as a bucket of shit.

The dominant idiot gene has drained the pool completely.

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Nov. 19, 2005


Please show me where President Bush "lied."

I will be waiting eagerly for your response.

Posted by: Mark on Nov. 20, 2005

The wise and great Strawman says, "You are a childish spouter of scary, simplistic bullshit. "

He then goes on to say, "...Democracy is the looser."

Does the term, self-marginalizing idiot feel like a fit there big guy?

Posted by: Pursuit on Nov. 20, 2005

"You assholes are evil, and deserve the torment that is your self-inflicted ignorance. Flame on, you disgusting parasitic shitstains. We shall succeed in spite of you".

Oops. I made the mistake of thinking this blog and forum was going to have some rational, productive discussion. My mistake. I'm outa here.

Posted by: Biff on Nov. 20, 2005

Pursuit you dolt,

What was I thinking!

You are right! Democracy IS the winner when your govt. gets hi-jacked by lying scum who deceive their way to war. I guess I didn’t think it through.


I cannot be inside GB's head (scary, empty place that it is) but a reasonable person can see that after the excuse of bad intelligence is trotted out for the tenth or twentieth time to explain why the President, Vice Pres., Sec of State, security advisor and every other member of the "team" portrayed things that were not true you gotta start asking yourself if the whole bunch of them are lying or just stupid, inept managers of the NSA, CIA, FBI. Too many people have come fwd. to tell us that conflicting intel. was swept under the rug or jammed back down the throat of the analyst who was then told to get it right. IT IS SO FUCKING OBVIOUS only you morons insist on a smoking gun.

Mark, When your kid comes home from a party, pupils dilated, SEG on his face, laughing inappropriately, hugging you and slobbering how much he loves you but insists he didn't take X that night, do you believe him since you didn't see the pill go down his throat? Well it is sort of the same thing with this cabal of criminals that led us into this stinking morass they call "liberating Iraq" After 911 they started slobbering all over the American people with every manner of fear mongering story about Iraq, going fwd with lame ideas and then bumping into walls of truth, turning 90 degrees bumping into another wall all the while claiming they were sober but misled by inept intelligence reports and you, Mark, said, “oh, shit, another false report, poor President Bush, deceived again by the totally useless CIA. Gosh, how tough for him. Maybe he should fire all these guys and get some new blood. BTW, Mark, was anybody fired? Or were they given the Medal of Freedom for their stellar work? And was that their real work; cooking the books to support the invasion of Iraq ? I think so. What else could it have been to warrant such an honor? Good boy Mr. Tenant, you really fucked up, but in a good way, the way we wanted it.

We know the Bush cabal could not be telling the truth because they are not as stupid as they insist they are. So easily misled and you voted for these bright guys? Don’t you feel like a schmuck, Mark? How could they get it so wrong? Gee wiz fellas who could have imagined airplanes flying into buildings? What else could a 75mm aluminum tube be used for anyway? And those beat-up old trucks with the pipes and shit all over them could ONLY do one thing-make bio weapons, right? Oh my, tons of yellow cake uranium. How deadly is that? Won’t America be unhappy when an A-bomb goes off in NYC. Mark, did you for a minute think Saddam could make a bomb? Did you ever see the pictures of Hanford where our Uranium was processed? It was the biggest factory in America. Do you know anything about the process? Read a little.



Saddam did not have a single gaseous diffuser or any other device capable of producing U-235 or Plutonium which is made in a reactor. So why was Chaney , Rice, and Powell beating the drum of Saddam’s “bomb” ? Why did Rice say these tubes had only one purpose when memo’s in her office talked about the fact they were used to make self propelled 75mm rockets? Because it made the democrats vote for the war powers bill. Who could risk a no vote when there was a possible nuclear threat? The Atomic-card was a tactic. Nobody with a grain of sense felt Saddam could make a bomb. It was lie. A pile of stinking shit sitting in the middle of the room that the spineless democrats smelled but didn’t have the guts to name.

They were lying to a country of angry, stupid children who needed to feel safe, who were willing to suspend reason and who needed to beat someone up for knocking down our biggest buildings and killing 3 thousand. Oh, The list of lies they spoke is endless. Chaney, in fact, never stopped with the shit about nuclear capacities and the Iraqi connection to 911. I guess you chose to believe they are idiots. Fine. I know they are liars who usurped our democracy to promote their agenda, an agenda that was made clear in the 10 Downing St. memo and many other documents that pre-date 911. Their plan is, however, slowly grinding to a halt because it is ill conceived, corrupt, ineptly enacted and was truly not the solution to the problem posed by radical Islamists who are willing to die trying to roust American influence from the middle east. Iraq was never part of the problem of terrorism and its practitioners, but rather, it is part of the solution of how America is going to protect it self against the mammoth need China will have for oil by the middle of the century and our economic well being which is dependent upon oil.

It was laughable to hear Bush tell China this week how prosperity and well being would come their way if only they would open their hearts to Christianity and allow “all” forms of religious expression. What hubris and what a horrific grip on reality the Bush people have. China is prospering at a rate that we can only envy, burying us in an avalanche of consumer goods and debt. Our nation-less corporate behemoths are their ally and enabler in their inexorable march as they become the largest economy and most powerful nation on the planet. One day they will stop buying our debt, slowing our economy to a standstill but will be able to shift their output to their own gigantic consumer class. Then we are in deep shit. The game is control of resources. Iraq. Not noble tyrant displacement or visions of houses of legislators declaring a course for a free people, nope, none of that, just global positioning and control of resources. The rest are just the lies Americans like yourself cling to making you feel better about a situation that is clearly a humanitarian disaster, economic disaster, and is diminishing our country’s resources and capacity to see to our own needs. The Chinese are chuckling as we beat our heads against the wall and have the temerity to give them advice on running their country. Bush never looked the bigger fool than on this Asian tour where he was rebuffed again and again.

Posted by: strawman on Nov. 20, 2005

Strawman? Strawman? Damn, what was it the Strawman was going to Oz to get?

I hate it when I have to agree with Casca, but I'm afraid I'm all all fours here; if only his football judgment was as good as his political.

Strawman, do you ever get the idea you might be in the wrong blogisphere? Try moveon.com or michaelmoore.idiot.

Posted by: shelly on Nov. 21, 2005


You should go to Coyote's (Coyote's Bark) website. He's a lot like you---mixes half-truths, blatant lies, along with a multitude of personal attacks all the while feeling self-satisfied despite drowning in his own sophistry.

p.s. If Bush is as stupid as you believe, it must really bother you that he had a better academic record than Gore, and one just as solid as Kerry's. With a little research, you would find out that they all had about the exact same SAT scores. No doubt, Gore and Kerry believed that their scores had been rigged by a vast right-wing conspiracy.

Posted by: Blu on Nov. 21, 2005


THink of me as a christian missionary: more interested in the heathens in Mongolia than the born again's in Ohio.

ALthough the Mongolian steppes are far more hospitable than the right wing blogosphere I will persevere. Actually, the chance that some high cheek boned Buddhist Ger dweller would embrace Christianity is probably greater than you, Shelly, seeing the Bush cabal for what it really is.

Posted by: Strawman on Nov. 21, 2005

Ya know Blu,

Sat's and GPA's asside, I only know what I see and hear: BUsh can't synthesize data into coherent thoughts while the other two guys can. You tell me what it means.

Posted by: Strawman on Nov. 21, 2005

Excuse me. You believe that Gore and Kerry can synthesize data into coherents thoughts? Quick: Give me either of those idiot's coherent policies associated to Iraq or the Middle East? You can't because neither has one. Gore was part of an administration with absoutely the most inept foreign policy since Carter. North Korea, Iran, and 9-11 are all gifts of those morons, who conducted foreign policy by popularity polls.(Of course, it didn't help that Albright was probably the stupidest person ever to hold the position of Secretary of State. If you got her and Barbara Boxer into the same room, you might have a combined 3-digit IQ.) Gore, Kerry and the rest of the Democratic Left prefer foreign policy by sound bite. And it makes sense considering the intellectual vacuity of the American Left.

Posted by: Blu on Nov. 21, 2005

Thing is, George W. Bush is PRESIDENT of the United States of America, Bill Frist is MAJORITY LEADER of the Senate and Dennis Hastert is SPEAKER of the House of Representatives.

John Roberts is CHIEF JUSTICE of the Supreme Court, and the majority votes conservative most of the time, just like the Senate and the House.

Who is it that is not communicating effectively with the people of the United States?

Whining and polls and stupid ploys are the tools of the minority who cannot be elsewhere heard. You know, the folks who want to run policy without the inconvenience of actually winning elections.

Bush communicates just fine to me, and to the voters who put him there.

We follow the Annika line around here; I doubt you'll be effecting any conversions soon.

Posted by: shelly on Nov. 21, 2005

i reccommend Coyote's site. He's a fine artist and former guest blogger here.

Posted by: annika on Nov. 21, 2005


Now that you have sidesteped my post with a bunch of crap about the policies of entire administrations Just deal, if you can stay focused long enough, with what I said. Gore or Kerry were capable of TALKING at at given moment about the issues in complete paragraphs. A few complete, gramatically correct sentences piled upon each other to form an argument. Did you ever listen to your guy talk about the issues surrounding the SS change he was proposing? Pure gibberish. You know the aphorism about understanding an issue is being able to teach others? This man is not running your government, pal.

Shelly, that is the most disengenuous thing you have ever said "he communicates just fine for me" I know you don't believe it. He embarrasses you but you are a loyal soldier.

And he won a second term by the SMALLEST plurality of any second term president so don't go telling me about his mandate and how the country is going when his current job approval rating is in the mid thirties.

BTW, I'm afraid you are going to be very dissapointed with ROberts. I spoke indirectly to someone very close to Roberts, a classic NE liberal doctor, who is thrilled with this appointment.

Posted by: Strawman on Nov. 21, 2005

Blah, Blah, Blah....Bush is stupid. He is a puppet. Doesn't understand his policy positions even at a high level. (While Gore and Kerry sounded articulate performing the lines their handlers taught them. Golly, I bet they both got an "A" in speech class. How nice and how totally irrelevant.)

All the same crap you guys said about the 20th century's greatest President, Ronald Reagan. But wishing it, does not make it true. By the way, that is why both Reagan and Bush kicked your sorry liberal asses. You guys were so enamored with your tired and useless policy views and so indulged by the MSM that you couldn't believe the "idiots" could win or that the public at large might actually see through your badly disguised socialism and anti-Americanism.

I'll give you the fact that Bush is not a good public speaker. But his vision in terms of foreign policy is clear. You can disagree with it. Fine. But he possesses a much more coherent and consistent world view (as did that other "idiot," Reagan)than either of his two rivals, whose views, as I said earlier, were/are totally and shamelessly poll driven.

So, while your side was trying to make this country more like the USSR, Reagan was wiping it out. And now, at another important time in history, your side is wrong again. But instead of pretending communism isn't really a problem, this time your side is now finding new ways to capitulate to Islamo-fascism. Gee, maybe if we are nice to them, kiss some Palestinian ass, and blame everything on the Jews, they might play nice. Yeah, right.

God help us if you people are ever back in power. You didn't understand the Communist threat even when Hayek and other made it perfectly clear before it ever gained a foothold, and you don't understand the current threat.

Posted by: blu on Nov. 21, 2005

Straw, don't go away mad.

Just go away.

Posted by: shelly on Nov. 22, 2005

Well Blu,

I do agree that we couldn't undestand how the idiots could have won (you of course fail to acknowlege that Gore actually won but that is a small point, right?), but we also had Menken in our ears whispering about how AMerica, given enough time, will get the dumb shit leader it deserves. We also know that we have brought up our children so that they will not be the ones dying in some forsaken desert, killing women and children in support of the corrupt policys of the unelected criminals running this country. Just as they were not the ones dying in the jungles of Vietnam. It'll be the childen of the true believers like yourself, who don't teach thier children to be skeptical and questioning, who become the fodder for the cannons of our valiant leaders like Dick deferment Chaney and George, i couldn't finish my guard duty 'cause I had a few things to do, Bush. These soldiers have all died in vain struggling against the wrong "enemy" in the wrong place:Iraq. Our leaders are neither brave nor students of history but they do have a plan and schmucks like you deserve the outcome. Our country is shifing toward a theocratic, fascist state where the will of the baptized and the terrified is overcoming the logic of science; rationality and reason are jokes to the Kansas School Board. Your children are going to schools that enjoy prayer and the study of creationism while India and China are graduating scientists and engineers at rates we cannot match. Our women are slowly but surely having the control of their reprductive rights turned over to the mullahs in red robes. We are drifiting toward a christian version of the Koronic state the Islamists are fighting for. Just swap the towels for pointy hats and black collars.

The terrorists are multiplying each day and the task of fomenting hatred toward America was seemlessly handed off from OBL to GB. I suspect that Bin Laden was the first to know that we were going to attack Iraq.

Reagan was a lesser bozo than the current pinhead but a hollow shell of a man none the less. The myth that he was cataalytic to the downfall of Communism is just another piece of simplistic revisionist history that is so in keeping with your shallow appraisal of history.

Posted by: Strawman on Nov. 22, 2005

Interesting how liberals don't want to credit Reagan for the downfall of communism, but the people of Eastern Europe do. They erect statues of the man and name streets after him. So, who should we believe? Please, Strawman. While the cowards of the Left were toasting Castro, men like Reagan and Pope John Paul II were liberating millions of people.

And enough about fascism and a loss of freedom. How much non-sense. How many more millions of abortions per year would you need to prove woman have not lost their right to choose? Don't you worry, Strawman, we will keep killing enough babies to keep even you happy.

American conservatism is not even close to being fascist. Do you even understand what fascism is? People like you tend to evoke words like "Nazi" and "fascist" with little or no historical knowledge of either. Even making a comparison shows how little you understand history generally and fascism specifically. Regarding any loss of freedom: It's your side who is wedded to political correctness and speech codes; it is your side who wants to pretend that the 1st and 2nd amendment don't exist; it is your side who wants to take my money and "redistribute" it; it is your side who wants to take power away from people and put into the hands of liberal judges who are perfectly happy to make things up (see "Roe v.Wade") in order to meet a political agenda.

Finally, comparing Western Christianity and Islamo-fascism is so baseless and stupid that you lose any credibility you might have simply by making the comparison. Really, how silly. If you want to be taken seriously, then don't toss around such inane ideas. No doubt, you believe the Jews were responsible for 9-11 (or maybe it was Bush!!!) You wonder why you are not taken seriously?

Posted by: Blu on Nov. 22, 2005