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October 24, 2005

MNF Pick, Week 7

Last week was my bye week, so i'm coming back well rested and with a sure thing, no brainer pick.

Tonight, the Falcons, who i hate, are playing the Jets, who i kind of like even though their quarterback is my least favorite QB of all time, Vinnie "INT" Testaverde. The Falcons are at home and favored by 7½ points.

The Falcons are overrated. They survived with a win over the Saints last week, but they should really be a 3-3 team. The Jets however, are not overrated. Everyone knows they suck. It should be a rout tonight, so take the Falcons minus the points and laugh at the suckers later.

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They will both play to each other's mediocrity, resulting in a 3 point win for the Falcons, 27-24.

Posted by: Scof on Oct. 24, 2005

Did you know that Vini Testes Verde literaly means "I came with green testicles"?

Posted by: kyle on Oct. 24, 2005

So, based on your prediction below, we should all take the Jets.

Posted by: albo on Oct. 24, 2005

As much as I loathe old green testicles, he does have a way of performing like a pro when pounding a weak sister.

BTW, I gave you guys the keys to the bank with my Northwestern pic, yet not even a word of thanks? And, did Shelly have a stroke during the ND game? He's conspicuously silent. Putting time back on the clock, for shame!

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 24, 2005

The rules are the rules.

"The harder I work, the luckier I get."

USC played with heart; Notre Dame gave 125%, but it wan't enogh to overcome Checkbook U.

The University of Spoiled Children will be in the Rose Bowl on January 4th. Where will OSU be?

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 24, 2005

If you're not careful, they'll be cruising LA looking for YOUR geriatric ass!

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 24, 2005

Seems about right. Don't think they'll be otherwise occupied in post season.

But, they'll be disappointed; I live in Santa Monica, actually, and on January 4, I'll be in Pasadena for sure. Or, maybe a rest home watching TV from a rocking chair.

Actually, their offense should probably be with me there.

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 25, 2005

Way to go, Annie. You are improving your numbers.

Let me know when you get to .500, but remember, in the betting world, you need to get to .550 to break even.

Are you keeping up with the grunt work?

Next year, it is "bore to death". Then the Bar exam.

If things work out right, I might be swearing you in, let's see, in the end of '06?

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 25, 2005

I thought week one was your bye week.

Posted by: Victor on Oct. 25, 2005

Yes, Shelly, but will USC play for the championship as the number one or the number two team? Whattup with the BCS?

Posted by: annika on Oct. 25, 2005

I'm satisfied that your life is a living hell, since you're the only conservative in the Peoples Republic of Santa Monica, lmao. Give my best to Senator Tom Hayden, and don't trip over the bums laying on the sidewalk.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 25, 2005

Well, I'm not the only conservative in the People's Republic of Santa Moscow, but damn near.

When they used to have separate voting polls for Dems and Reps, there were three Dems and one Rep and never a line for me.

Ironically, my home is right across the street from the park where everyone votes, so I fly my stars and stripes at 30' and the globe and anchor below it 24/7 (yes, it is lit).

But, no bums on the sidewalk where I am, just trust babies and lucky sperm club members galore.

Tom Haydn's gone, but we still have Henry Waxman, Sheila Kuehl and a cast of thousands of lefties.

Still, Arnold may change the world here in California. Check the election November 8 and see for yourself. If Prop's 73 thru 77 inclusive pass, the unions are out of business, and so are their bought electeds.

It's hard to be miserable in paradise.

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 26, 2005

"It's hard to miserable in paradise." True, but tis better to live in the Republican part of the garden.

So you think that we should turn gerrymandering over to the judges? It strikes me fundimentally as a mistake. As corrupt as the legislature is, it is still the representative body of the people.

"Unions out of business"? That presupposes that they follow the rules. I'm for the initiative, since it serves to codify Beck. Shit it's only taken 25 years. However, the unions will do anything to survive, and see that we are governed by the very best dykes money can buy. They murdered to get power. What will they do to keep it?

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 26, 2005

Absolutely. The present system is so lopsided it perpetuates power.

The Dem's have about two short of 2/3 in both houses and if they get there, they can override the Governor. Their true majority in California is nowhere near that, and they traded that for giving up on Congressional seats. The Rep's have four or five, maybe as many as fight or nine seats too many for the population demographics.

It is time to just do it fairly by some appelate justices who are retired and will yield to peer pressure to do a fair job.

Once the unions lose the paycheck dip, things will get even more balanced. They are borrowing up to and over their limits to try to fight, but are losing even their own members who hate the system.

Our legislature is disfunctional; that's why all the initiatives.

Ain't it cool?

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 26, 2005