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October 18, 2005

MLBloggers Fantasy League Final Results

mlbresults.gifWell, the baseball season is now weeks over, and the Fall Classic is almost ready to start. i think sufficient time has passed and my embarrassment has waned enough for me to post about the final standings in my own fantasy baseball league, MLBloggers.

i started the league last spring and nine other fine bloggers signed up to play. i quickly plummeted to the bottom of the standings, where i stayed pretty much from wire to wire. But here are the final results:

Greg of The End Zone had Hank's Homey's, and finished in first place. Congratulations Greg! You now win the coveted annika's journal fantasy baseball memorial stein. As soon as i design and manufacture it. This is Greg's second annika's journal contest win. You might remember that he won the infamous Joe Don Baker haiku contest back in September '04. Interestingly, Greg says he had no experience in haiku or fantasy baseball before entering either contest. Greg, you might want to try tackling world hunger next. Give it a shot.

The Maximum Leader of Nakedvillainy came in second.

Paul of the now defunct Sanity's Edge came in third. He has returned to blogging, by the way.

Munuviana's elder statesman, Ted of Rocket Jones finished in fourth place, even though he's not a baseball fan.

Dawn Summers of Clareified came in fifth place with her East Coco Beach Metropolitans.

The Biloxi Turds of Matt from Irreverent Probity came in sixth.

Victor's Windbreakers finished seventh.

Resurrection Song's Zombyboy finished eighth with his Zombyesque Zombies.

And Physics Geek of Physics Geek finished ninth with his Physics Geeks;

And finally, there's my own annika's A's in last place.

Thanks to everyone for playing.

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There's no crying in baseball.

Posted by: shelly on Oct. 19, 2005

I only played because you asked, my dear. I have no clue about baseball. I'm suprised I didn't become more of a laughing stock. I ddn't know how to trade or make any transactions...I guess I did okay, all things considered.

I'm an NFL kind of guy.

Posted by: Paul on Oct. 19, 2005

I can't believe even a little paper-doll annika would wear boots that ugly.

Posted by: Victor on Oct. 19, 2005

Here in Houston we are all SICK after the big Choke job the Astros pulled in game five.(Its not like our football team gives us any good news) Still, they only have to win one of the next two games, so there is some hope.

Posted by: Kyle N on Oct. 19, 2005

PS: I think the fuzzy boots are cute, But Icon Annika looks like a redhead, or strwberry blond. Annie, have you ever died your hair red?

Posted by: Kyle N on Oct. 19, 2005

That outfit is an abomination.

Posted by: d-rod on Oct. 19, 2005

Fashion advice from guys who don't own two pair of shoes.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 19, 2005

I won't give fashion advice either since I'm not wearing socks at work. Baseball was fun, hopefully I won't suck next time. oh hey, look at that, more work...

Posted by: Scof on Oct. 19, 2005

Hey I've got more than two pairs of shoes, if Flip Flops and Ugg boots count.

Posted by: d-rod on Oct. 19, 2005

thanks for the kudos. Sadly, I do have experience in joining a cause to fight world hunger, then having very little to show in the way of results :(

Posted by: gcotharn on Oct. 19, 2005

annika forgot to push the button. Therefore, I shall write some Bad Haiku:

annie's paper doll
has terrific fashion sense
except for the boots

Posted by: Victor on Oct. 19, 2005

btw - I think those are damn sexy cartoon boots, as is my Annika's extra large coffee cup, which is my preferred sipping cup.

Posted by: gcotharn on Oct. 19, 2005

U fucker, i'm so jealous.

Posted by: Casca on Oct. 19, 2005

I'm into the legs
but orange red brown and PINK
go together well?

Posted by: d-rod on Oct. 19, 2005

I'm in a Yahoo hockey fantasy league. My team name is The Nawlins Looters.

Posted by: Mark on Oct. 24, 2005