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August 29, 2005

Finally, The Jeopardy Winner

i'm sorry for the delay. With the hurricane and all, i was unable to post before today.

Okay, so i'm in California. i knew that. Well the real reason is that i was in moving and had no electricity. i thought i'd be able to post via my telephone but then its battery went dead. So i was completely blog incommunicado for four days.

But i hope you'll find the long awaited Final Jeopardy round as exciting as i did. The category was "The Blogosphere," and the clue was

annika has almost all of his TV appearances on DVD, yet this blogger is not on her blogroll. Go figure.
As in the TV show, we start with the player who has the lowest amount of cash. Kyle said "I got nuthin," by which i assume he means he wagered nothing too. So Kyle stays at $200.

Next is Ken, who said: "I bet my whole wad on Wil Wheaton." i'm sorry Ken, the judges cannot accept that answer. You lose your whole wad, $200.

Jasen and Skippy didn't play FJ, so i'm keeping their money.

Next is D-Rod, who responded: "Who is Victor David Hanson?" Nope. D-Rod wagered $399, so he now has $1.

Charlie had $400, but didn't submit a response, so i keep his money.

Phil had $500, and his response was "Who is Frank Sinatra?" Last i checked, Frank Sinatra was dead. Although his music lives on, i don't think Sinatra's music has a blog. Phil wagered "$0.00," so he's left with $500 and the lead.

Next is Shelly, who responded

Damn, I hate this game. I am compulsive by nature, and I have made this an addiction. I'm glad it is over an I can get back to my mundane life.

OK, at first, I thought it was gonna be Hugh Hewitt for sure, but I checked and he IS on your blogroll, so that fizzled out.

Then I said (to myself) 'Myself, who has been on TV enough to have Annie have taped him, and yet not so much that her house would be running over with discs, etc.?'.

Myself replied 'The only person I can come up with is a guy who's show was canceled for some inexplicable reason (well, he seems less offensive on the radio, I guess) from Northern California named Michael Savage.'

So, trusting Myself, and having no other thoughts . . . Who is Michael Savage?
Uhh, no.

Let's see what Shelly wagered. His entire $1000. Sorry Shelly, you're down to zero.

Next is Victor, who guessed "Who is Will Wheaton?" Ding. You are correct, Victor. Spelling does not count in Final Jeopardy. Victor bet all $1100, so he now has the lead with $2200.

Dave J was next with $1400, but this was his response:

Since I'm completely stumped, I'm not betting anything: I can't even think up a good guess, though I'm sure I'll be kicking myself about how obvious it was after this is over.

And now you've motivated me to try out again, and pester the hell out of the real show to call me back this time.

Dave's $1400 won't be enough to take over the lead from Victor. But good luck on the real Jeopardy, Dave.

Casca started out with the second highest point total, at $1700. Ever confident, Casca responded with "Who is Hugh Hewitt?" aaaaaaa! Like Shelly said, Hugh Hewitt is indeed on my blogroll. Casca bet the whole thing, so he is now down to zero.

Finally, it's all up to Trevor, who starts out Final Jeopardy with the most points, $1900. His response was "Who is Wil Wheaton?" Nice job Trevor.

Now let's find out if Trevor wagered enough to beat Victor.

Here is Trevor's wager:

Wager: $1501
which gives him $3401 and the title of annika's Jeopardy Champion! Congratulations Trevor!

(i can hear Victor saying "rats" right now.)

Thanks for playing everybody. We will now return to our regularly scheduled blog.

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Yes, blog harder.

Posted by: Me on Aug. 29, 2005

Woohoo! I'd be jumping up and down right now, but I'm at work. Ah, what the hell...

Posted by: Trevor on Aug. 29, 2005

I didn't say "rats."

Posted by: Victor on Aug. 29, 2005

Am I still in third place and therefore in line for some stupid concession prize? ;-)

Posted by: Dave J on Aug. 29, 2005

Let this be a lesson to all who are tempted to play bullshit arbitrary games on the internet. When the hell was Will Wheaton on TV?

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 29, 2005

BTW, I'm not buying your bullshit absence excuse. I'll bet there are burn marks in your fur.

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 29, 2005

That's what I was waiting for. Thanks for delivering the excuses, Casca. I was hoping for a kirk-like scream though, something like: FIXED! Speaking of whom, we all know that he would have kicked Picard's ass. Hell, that sniveling excuse for a captain would have gotten his ass kicked by his own snot-nosed ensign, and apparently nobody even remembers who that was...

Posted by: Trevor on Aug. 29, 2005

(heartily rogers buzzer)


Ah, shit. It's over, isn't it.



Posted by: Kevin Kim on Aug. 29, 2005

Heh, it was a good time until you showed up mid-game with your alert system to let you know when anni posted. Hell it was still a good time. The warning was against playing these game that suck up time.

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 29, 2005

Who is Will Wheaton?

Posted by: Mark on Aug. 29, 2005

Some metro-sexual from NYC. Kind of an Ally McBeal male.

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 29, 2005

BTW, Where TF is Hewitt on your BR?

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 29, 2005

I have to admit I'm disappointed Joe Don Baker, or one of his movies, wasn't an answer. Or question. Whichever.

Posted by: Victor on Aug. 29, 2005

Casca, Professor Hewitt, under "non mu_nu blogs I like"

Posted by: Trevor on Aug. 29, 2005

The only "Professor Hewitt" I ever knew taught Theater at the U of M.

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 29, 2005

Okay, I'm ready to play for real money now.

Posted by: d-rod on Aug. 29, 2005

I just like rubbing it in. Hugh Hewitt. Great radio show host, but I can't imagine that anyone outside his family is busily burning his TV appearances onto DVD.

Posted by: Trevor on Aug. 29, 2005

if i say that listening to the Hugh Hewitt show is the highlight of my day, would he put me back on HIS blogroll?!?

And i can't believe so many of you don't know that actor, author, blogger Wil Wheaton played Ensign Crusher on Star Trek TNG during the first four seasons.

Dave J, you get the same prize as Trevor!

Posted by: annika on Aug. 29, 2005

"And i can't believe so many of you don't know that actor, author, blogger Wil Wheaton played Ensign Crusher on Star Trek TNG during the first four seasons."

What hetero man would care?

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 29, 2005

For once, I must agree with Casca. Write this date down.

Posted by: Victor on Aug. 30, 2005

What hetero man would whine so much?

Posted by: Trevor on Aug. 30, 2005

Unfortunately I was out of town for several days last week and didn't get to submit my answer. Which doesn't really matter, because I would have gotten it wrong anyway.

But I am glad this is finally over so I can quit obsessively clicking my link to Annika 1,000 times a day.

Posted by: Charlie Gordon on Aug. 30, 2005