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August 15, 2005

Blind Date

You ever go on a blind date? i did this weekend, in a way. You know how you're nervous but you try not to let it show, cuz you wanna look cool, you know people are watching you. Then you meet and he's kinda dangerous and scary, but sexy too. And you stay back for a bit while he talks to some others, but then you get your chance for some one-on-one time and it starts going good. Surprisingly good. Then you finally get your chance to hold him, and it's all fireworks and loud noises and yes, Yes, Yes! and so freakin fun you can't believe it. And you can tell by the sparks flying that he's into it too. Even though you were nervous and he looked so powerful at first, he treats you surprisingly gently and does exactly what you want him to. But then it's all over so soon. Way too soon. So you go back to acting cool while you say goodbye, but inside your heart's beating fast, and you can't seem to hide that big smile, and you can't wait to see him again. And you plan something for next weekend and you can't stop thinking about him and trying to remember what it was like holding him?

Well, last weekend was like that for me. He's Swiss, but he was born in Germany. His name is Sig, and by now you probably know i'm not talking about a guy. But we will be seeing each other again, you can count on that. And i'll let you know how it goes. i may even start seeing some of his friends, too.

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Posted by: Jake on Aug. 15, 2005

Oh Annie, you are suuuuuuucccccchhhhh a tease. I have a soft spot for Miss Ruger, myself.

Posted by: Wayne on Aug. 15, 2005

yes, Yes, Yes!

I can even see you taking on a double blind date with some identical twins.

Posted by: d-rod on Aug. 15, 2005

Tsk. Naughty you. ;)

Posted by: Desert Cat on Aug. 15, 2005

I guess you're too young to remember the Beatles.

"...happiness is a warm gun...".

Posted by: shelly on Aug. 16, 2005

Actually, I'm partial to the Glock 9MM myself.

Posted by: shelly on Aug. 16, 2005

And a gun wont take your credit card and go shopping.

Posted by: Kyle on Aug. 16, 2005

Hey. He's my boyfriend too!

Maybe we can have a threesome.

Posted by: ginger on Aug. 16, 2005

Tramp! Sig is a woman (not a girl), and she's mine!

Well, actually, you probably ran into one of her cousins. My girl is in her fifties, and there aren't many like her. In fact, in what must be a first in the male of the species, I traded in a younger model for my present love. She's a veteran of the Danish military, if you can believe it. But she's no old battle axe; she's a classic beauty with the lines of a svelte 22 year-old. And while she doesn't speak much English, that's OK: the language of love is universal.

Posted by: Matt on Aug. 16, 2005

Heh. Glad to see you found yourself a good man. A good thing about Sig is he won't get jealous if you go out with his buddies.

Posted by: Trevor on Aug. 16, 2005

Whenever the one-on-one time with Sig starts getting stale, I'll need to introduce Annika to a friend(born and raised in the US) that I know.....they call him "Bushmaster".

Here's his personal web page:


Just for the hell of it, I'll throw in a pic of his little brother as well:


Aw shit. I just remembered that California ethnically cleansed his entire family. Never mind, I think he hates blue states anyway.

Posted by: reagan80 on Aug. 16, 2005

Typical...women tend to go for the pretty Europeans.

Colt 1991 Series, thank you very much.

Posted by: Jason O. on Aug. 16, 2005

Have you looked at the sig pro line of pistols, they have adjustable backstraps if default grip does not fit your hand.

I have held one sig pro, and it felt really good.

Posted by: cube on Aug. 16, 2005

Very cute Annie. Well, if you're ever in Texas, I'd love to play "matchmaker" with my M4, Iron Brigade Armory Custom .308 Tactical Precision Rifle, Glock 23, Keltec .32, Mossberg 590, or any of these other fine matches. ; )

Posted by: Roach on Aug. 16, 2005

You had me completely fooled by the way.

Posted by: Mark on Aug. 16, 2005

Yeah, you had me fooled too. I thought gosh, it's awfully soon to be sharing so many details... and then I clicked the link.

Happiness is a warm gun, I'm told by those who would know better than I.

Posted by: Hugo on Aug. 16, 2005

Watch out, he'll go Sauer on you for sure!

Posted by: Becker on Aug. 16, 2005

I think some of ya'll underestimate miss Annika. She's a lady no doubt; refined & sweet, but not niave. So when trying to fix her up don't kid yourself into thinking that size doesn't matter. now it's not that I'm happy about Cali's ethnic cleansing that has caught up some of the less endowed options but do you really think that lady would be satisfied with a shooter of poodles? :D

Miss Annika,
I realize that the emotional stimulation can seem overwhelming. & what a lady does is her buisness. Still you might want to look at this over every now & again, just to make sure you're not maintaining...er I mean losing control. :)

Posted by: Publicola on Aug. 16, 2005

I'm in lurve with my SIG, too. He's my favorite....
Nice choice!

Posted by: SondraK on Aug. 22, 2005