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August 02, 2005

Hans Island Fight

i think you all know who's side i'm taking in this controversy.

Posted by annika, Aug. 2, 2005 | TrackBack (0)
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I just hope we notify the United Nations before anyone does anything. You know, "global tests" or something.

Posted by: Mark on Aug. 2, 2005

My money is on Denmark. They ought to have a beer brew off to settle the dispute.
I volunteer to be an impartial judge.

Posted by: Kyle on Aug. 2, 2005

This is unbelievable. The island just looks Canadian so it should go to Canada.


Posted by: d-rod on Aug. 2, 2005

What are they gonna do? Have a slap fight?

Posted by: ken on Aug. 2, 2005

I dunno about Denmark winning the brew off, there are some exceptionally good Belgian Style Beers that are brewed in Canada. Then again not everyone is in to Belgian Style Beers.

The other thing about this land dispute....no buses have been blow up.

Posted by: the Pirate on Aug. 2, 2005

i think its best to let the island belong to the people of the nations... dang! due to blobal warming countries are fighting for the north... lines are being drawn! that is why there's this dispure over a tiny island like Hans!!!

Posted by: maizzy on Aug. 2, 2005

No, Pirate, but Garry Busey has blown up. Have you seen that dude lately? He must be like 300 lbs.

Posted by: annika on Aug. 2, 2005

If this comes down to a vote the Danes would automatically win one demographic. Any man who's been to Danmark and seen the women is not going to pick Canada.

Posted by: Trevor on Aug. 2, 2005

I second Trevor's comments:


Posted by: Scof on Aug. 2, 2005

Last time I saw Busey, other than on thesmokinggun.com, was the show on comedy central, where was fat and batshit crazy.

Posted by: the Pirate on Aug. 2, 2005

Annika, thank you for linking to us at Independent Sources. We simply cannot get off this incredibly fast paced, high action drama...CRISIS in the ARCTIC!

Posted by: Insider on Aug. 2, 2005

Maybe they could, like, have a hockey game between two national teams to settle it, eh?

Posted by: tdothen on Aug. 2, 2005

I've known Busey since 1982 and he was certifiable then. Crazy is not new to him.

Nor is bloat. However, he looks recently like he's sucking on an air hose or something.

I sat next to him at the House of Blues ;ast year and he took up two stools, no kidding.

Out of work actors are dangerous to themselves...

But, he does play mean drums, under the name of Teddy Jack Eddy.

Posted by: shelly on Aug. 2, 2005

Who is the Busey guy?

Posted by: Mark on Aug. 2, 2005

Shelly, you are one interesting guy.

Posted by: annie on Aug. 2, 2005

To Kyle and the Pirat
Danes has created the worlds first open source beer (Our Beer). http://www.voresoel.dk/main.php?id=70

Doesn't that speen in our favour?

Posted by: Bubbling Minds on Aug. 3, 2005

My money is on Denmark, my homecountry. Wouldn't it be ironic though, if the island disappears by itself in a few years due to global warming and rising sealevels?

Posted by: Erik on Aug. 6, 2005

Regarding global warming, see Bjorn Lomborg's "The Skeptical Environmentalist."

Posted by: Mark on Aug. 7, 2005

I have actually read that book... seems like we have (almost) nothing to worry about...

Posted by: Erik on Aug. 8, 2005