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August 01, 2005

Least Favorite People On The Right

Right Wing News had a poll of conservative bloggers to select the "Least Favorite People On The Right." the results were:

18) Tom Tancredo (4)
18) Ralph Reed (4)
18) Newt Gingrich (4)
18) Lincoln Chafee (4)
18) James Dobson (4)
18) George Pataki (4)
18) Arnold Schwarzenegger (4)
14) Tom DeLay (5)
14) Rush Limbaugh (5)
14) George Voinovich (5)
14) Chuck Hagel (5)
13) Andrew Sullivan (6)
11) Tucker Carlson (7)
11) Bob Novak (7)
9) Sean Hannity (8)
9) Rick Santorum (8)
8) Arlen Specter (10)
7) Jerry Falwell (15.5)
6) Bill O'Reilly (16)
5) Michael Savage (17)
4) Pat Robertson (19.5)
3) Ann Coulter (20)
2) John McCain (21)
1) Pat Buchanan (28)
i voted for Pat, and i'm glad to see he's number one. That guy is so anti-semitic, i can't believe they ever allow him on tv. Savage is an annoying freak. When he rants, he makes Buchanan seem reasonable. But while Savage is still a bigot, at least on the subject of Israel we see eye-to-eye.

i don't understand why so many people voted for McCain, Specter, Hagel, Voinovich, Chafee and Andy Sullivan. i thought the question was to vote for your least favorite person on the right. i didn't vote for them because it never crossed my mind that they were conservatives. McCain has his moments, but the rest of those people are to the left of Hillary Clinton. The new Hillary, that is.

My submissions were these guys:

The aforementioned Michael Savage and Pat Buchanan.

Jerry Fallwell and Pat Robertson who've done more to empower the ACLU than anyone in America. i added Dr. Dobson, who is the new Jerry Fallwell. He bugs the crap out of me. i heard him talk about the fillibuster controversy, and he really shouldn't ever talk politics. His grasp of constitutional history is at about eight grade level. i was like, "thanks for the effort doc, but we'll take it from here."

Rick Santorum. Bigot. Stuck his foot in his mouth too many times, and he'll continue to do so. If he get's nominated, say hello to America's first woman president.

Tucker Carlson, milquetoast. He's mis-labeled as a conservative, but he's an empty shell; the Alan Colmes of the right. Like Pat Buchanan he's a media darling because he's anti-war. Otherwise, nobody'd ever let him near a tv studio because he's un-watchable. Un-watchable.

Bob Novak, never liked him. Yah, i know he's a legend, but his best days ended before i was born. And i'm saying this totally exclusive of the whole Plamegate involvement thing. He pretty much mails it in nowadays. Much like i do on this here blog.

My last choice was kind of mean, but what the hell: Paul Harvey. He's like that old crotchety grampa that you love to death, but somebody should really take the keys away; you know what i mean? Don't get me wrong, i'm glad Paul Harvey's out there because a lot of people get their politics solely from his little blurbs. But i started changing the channel when i hear him on the radio. Too many times i got pissed at myself for wasting three minutes of my precious radio listening time with that bs.

And now you know the rest of the story.

Good day.

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Can't disagree with anything you have written. Well done.

Posted by: Jake on Aug. 1, 2005

Why was the "New" Hillary left of this list? She would have been a lock for Numero Uno.

P.S. I loved the long pause; how poetic...

Posted by: shelly on Aug. 1, 2005

I think it's sad that your choices and the choice of so many others are right-wingers that are bad because they're "too right-wing." Why not put the moderates up there; so-called right-wingers like George W.

As for Pat on Israel, he's a fierce critic, but that's better than the dual-loyalty-freaks like Kristol and Krauthammer that see no distinction of interests whatsoever, for whom a sacrificial war on Israel's behalf is a good thing in their minds. Washington warned against this sort of thing. Why are we still sending them billions after the cold war ended; isn't this kind of silly?

Posted by: Roach on Aug. 1, 2005

I don't necessarily agree with a lot of your choices, but the long pause.... good day made me fall out of my chair laughing. And it's impossible to say that and not upspeak it in his old man voice.

Posted by: Charlie Gordon on Aug. 1, 2005

Heh... I had exactly the same thought re: McCain and being on the right. That's partly what gave me fits about coming up with a list of my own. A lot of the people I came up with were either extremists or milquetoasts.

Nice job.

Posted by: Cassandra on Aug. 1, 2005

OMG. Even funnier. I didn't read your whole post.

I loathe Tucker Carlson, and "milquetoast" is the exact word I would have used to describe him.

Too funny. I have GOT to stop multi-tasking...

Posted by: Cassandra, snarking from the sidelines on Aug. 1, 2005

Bob Novak, never liked him. Yah, i know he's a legend, but his best days ended before i was born.

thanks for summarizing my life,


Posted by: louielouie on Aug. 1, 2005

Interesting choices, Annie. Paul Harvey has bugged the shit out of me since I started listenting to talk radio as a kid. I hate it when he goes from story to commercial without any sort of transition. The only thing worse is that now his kid is trying to imitate him----silly old-man voice and all.

Savage is just too much. Even when I agree with his message, I'm turned off by the delivery. If I'm going to listen to a cultural conservative, I much prefer Michael Medved: smart, precise, and polite.

I'm absolutely with you on Dobson, Fallwell, and Robertson. Please guys, stick to Christian radio and stop embarrassing us. Dobson is actually fairly interesting and knowledgable when he sticks to his area of expertise.

Posted by: Blu on Aug. 1, 2005

WOW! where to begin. Coulter and Savage are simply hate mongers, they are embarrasing. Buchanan can be dismissed because he has lost almost all of his influence.
As for politicians, I think you will always find some people who dislike a particular issue or two.
I dont dislike McCain, but I think he is an overambitious media whore, and that little McCain-Feingold run around the first amendment is not cool. Besides, he has tiny little T-Rex hands.
I like Tucker Carlson, his new show is fairly entertaining. Sure he dosent mix it up, thats not his style, but he gets his point across.
As for the religious conservatives, The media will always go after the most obnoxious one for sound bites, nothing you can do about that.

Posted by: Kyle on Aug. 1, 2005

Lighten up a little, please. Ann Coulter is way over the top, but funny. Just tune out the excess. Watching a liberal swallow his/her tongue is amusing.

I have no idea why Hannity and Gingrich made this list.

Chafee, Pataki, Schwartzenegger, Voinovich, Hagel, Sullivan, and O'Reilly are on the right? I must be out of the mainstream.

McCain gets my vote. The man's a hero and an idiot.

Posted by: MarkD on Aug. 1, 2005

i can't figure McCain out. The man's a legitimate hero, but he loves being a Senator more than representing his constituency. i also agree that Coulter is unfairly criticized. She's a humorist, and a good one. No one should take her too seriously.

Small hands are usually a warning sign though. Of what is anyone's guess.

Posted by: annika on Aug. 1, 2005

So how long are you going to keep throwing gas on the fire to boost controversy? Why not just lift the shirt the rest of the way?

You're wrong, Pat isn't an anti-semite. It's pathetic when you can't criticize AIPAC and the influence that Israel has in our international policy without being called a Nazi.

Finally... remember Ronald Reagan's eleventh commandmant. Unless you're talking about Spectre, then the gloves are off.

Posted by: Casca on Aug. 1, 2005

Casca, James Bond (the Connery one i think) took care of Spectre a long time ago. Get with the program.

Posted by: annika on Aug. 1, 2005

Ya know, Arlen's been lookin' a little like Blofeld lately......

Posted by: reagan80 on Aug. 1, 2005

i never thought of that until now, but he does look a little Donald Pleasance-ish. All he needs is a scar and a cat.

Posted by: annika on Aug. 1, 2005

Agreed on most everything, but I'm still not sure how Santorum's a "bigot." Why is it when Christian/Catholics have strongly held views, they're deemed "bigots"? Edumacate me here, someone.

McCain = RINO.

Tucker Carlson looks like he was conceived in a petri dish.

Coulter is amusing and intelligent, but her emotions tend to control her, and she defines TACTLESS. She cares nothing for who she offends, or how she offends them. I do admire her to a point, but it's a matter of minutes when she talks before I cringe in agony.

I've never heard Savage on the radio, but the titles of his books scream "I am a lunatic."

Buchanan is just unlikeable. Doesn't matter what he says, he's just not very nice, not very interesting.

Posted by: Mark on Aug. 1, 2005

I never gave Paul Harvey a second thought until a couple of years ago. When Mt. Lemmon outside of Tucson was burning, he mentioned it on his show and blithely got several important facts quite wrong. Then shortly thereafter he unloaded some misleading BS about Salvia divinorum. So I have no confidence whatsoever now that he's really giving me "the r-r-r-rest! of the story", and not some dressed up tripe that just sounds good on the radio.

And you already know how I feel about McCain.

Posted by: Desert Cat on Aug. 4, 2005