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July 19, 2005

Supreme Court Update



Despite early reports today, speculation that right hander Matt Clement was picked to be the ninth man in the Supreme Court rotation are apparently untrue.

Sources within the administration, speaking on condition of anonymity, told annika's journal that Matt Clement was never under serious consideration.


However, some experts say Clement would have been an awesome choice, despite his 4.21 ERA and mediocre WHIP. Said annika: "Heck, he's been on my fantasy team three years in a row. i don't know what kind of justice he'd make, but he's got ten wins and 101 K's this year. And the way my team's been doing, i've needed every damn one of 'em."

Developing . . .

Update: Speculation continues to circulate around Gonzalez as a possible nominee. Some pundits say President Bush is under pressure to nominate another Arizonan to replace Justice O'Connor, who grew up in Duncan, Arizona. However, some conservative activists are wary of the veteran outfielder for the Diamondbacks.

Said prominent right wing blogger annika: "Sure Luis throws right handed, but he bats lefty. And everytime i've seen him, he's way out in left field. Can we really trust him?"

Developing . . .

Update 2: The news is out! It's Roberts! i'm ecstatic. His stats aren't outrageous, but he's got good speed and was a quality guy when he played for the Dodgers. This year Dave's been a solid contributor to the first place Padre team. Democrats who wanted a center fielder should be happy with this lefty batter.

Developing . . .

[If there's a rule about beating a joke to death, you might want to invoke it now.]

Update 3: Preston wanted a justice with strings attached. Or someone who can pull all the right strings. Or something like that.

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...but he's got ten wins and 101 K's this year. And the way my team's been doing, i've needed every damn one of 'em."
The way your team's been doing, you've needed a bitch of a lot more than ten wins and 101 K's )Not that I've got any room to talk--but at least I'm number one in total K's and I'm making a serious run for W's in the pitching department.).

Posted by: Victor on Jul. 19, 2005

Clement??...Come on. We all know Randy Johnson would be picked over him. Let's Go Yankees.

Anyway, I found you via the Cotllion.Nice blog by the way.


Posted by: RegularRon on Jul. 19, 2005

Leave it to the Chicago Cubs and the trolls at the Chicago Tribune to let a pitcher like Matt Clement go.

What a truly sorry ass organization.

Posted by: Mark on Jul. 19, 2005

Personally I would prefer Lindsay Lohan for SCOTUS. Or Boy George. Or Kenny Rogers (the Barona casino hawker, not the fan of photographers).

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Jul. 20, 2005

Roberts was one cool dude; I am sure that it was he, and not Ensign Pulver who stole Queeg's strawberries. Not sure about who tossed the palm tree either.

Will Broadway Chuck ferret this out of him in intense cross examination?

Or, will the Bloviating Senator from Boston take him on with skills he learned in college whilst being caught having others take his exams?

Stay tuned to this station through September...

Posted by: shelly on Jul. 21, 2005

Which Bloviating Senator from Boston? The one whose last name begins with a K?

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Jul. 21, 2005