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July 11, 2005

Tour de France Trivia

On this off day for the Tour, i thought you all might enjoy this bit of Tour de France historical trivia.

Question: What dinosaur was also an excellent biker in the time trial events?

Answer in the extended entry.

Answer: Parasaurolophus, of course. Due to its advanced skull design.

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Lance is proof positive that an American with one nut is better than a legion of Eurotrash.

I'm sorry, was that needlessly harsh?

Posted by: Kyle on Jul. 12, 2005

Old joke, Kyle. Robin Williams told that one *years* ago.

Posted by: Victor on Jul. 12, 2005

Well, I'm as big a fan of Lance as anyone (hell, we flew to Austin last year to do his Foundation ride in the heat of the Texas Hill Country). But he'd never call his competitors Eurotrash... remember, the dude calls Spain home now, spending more time there than anywhere else... and he publicly touted Paris for the 2012 games. In one of his books, he makes it clear that he doesn't see eye-to-eye with President Bush, either, though he respects him as a fellow Texan... Face it folks; with a divorce, Sheryl Crowe and a foreign address, Lance is more "blue state" than "red." :-)

Posted by: Hugo on Jul. 12, 2005

Yea but it doesn't count when Williams says it, cuz he is such a leftist dweeb.
Lance might like the Euros, but I dont, At least not the ones I have met and had to work with. But then again, I'm just a little package of hate.

Posted by: Kyle on Jul. 12, 2005

I’m a little torn about supporting Lance Armstrong. On one hand, it is great the French hate him so much because he dominates their big event. It must make them stew to know that an American is the best at what they hold so dearly. On the other hand, when I have heard him talk he comes across like a typical Hollywood liberal (I’m sure dating Sheryl Crowe doesn’t help my perception). Also, I’m unsure if he is an atheist but I’ve never heard him attribute any of his success or his overcoming cancer to God. This may be a bit hypocritical of me because it irritates me when athletes thank God for letting them win, but you would think that a man who came back from the brink of death would thank more than the doctors and the medicine. Perhaps I should just ignore the politics of it all and appreciate an American dominating Europeans.

Posted by: Jonathan on Jul. 12, 2005