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July 02, 2005

Thank You Brian Williams, Idiot

Another "journalist" proves that journalists are freaking idiots.

Thank you Brian Williams, for showing how ignorant you are.

What did you get in American History 101? Or did you have a Ward Churchill type professor, whose twisted version of history you accepted hook, line and sinker.

What would make you say something so completely indefesible as a supposedly educated person? As an American?

Via Michelle Malkin.

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Our revolutionary army was fighting the British Army to drive them out. The terrorist's battle is fought against women and children.

The terrorists have no hope of defeating our military. The Iraqis want the terrorists killed so there is no hope there. The rest of the Middle East is horrified by their blowing up women and children.

These bombings exist only because of our MSM and the Democrats. The terrorists, the MSM and the Democrats mistakenly believe that they can convince Americans to give up. That is the terrorists only hope of victory.

(Annika, you are really on an idiot patrol today.)

Posted by: Jake on Jul. 2, 2005

Truly an appalling statement, and so is his attempt to justify it. My thoughts here:


Posted by: David Foster on Jul. 2, 2005

Boycott NBC until the idiot apologizes, or send him to Chicago to live with Durbin.

Posted by: shelly on Jul. 2, 2005

I avoid all of the broadcast networks like the plague. I only need 4 channels: Fox News, History Channel, FX(I luv The Shield), and Cartoon Network(Adult Swim after 10PM).

Posted by: reagan80 on Jul. 3, 2005