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June 21, 2005

Saddam Poetry: Sonnet

The bawdy dictator:

I Wish I Had A Candle And A Fine Woman

I wish I had a candle and a fine woman.
These finer things are meant for men like me.
Not meant for kurd-man, shiite or the jew-man,
whom i buried in mass graves o’er by that tree.
You understand what women give to me,
but wherefor say I candle? Do you ask?
To know how waxen tapers meet my need,
picture me, Uday, and my friend monsieur Jacques.
T’was many years ago, on a debauch
in London’s town or was it Amsterdam’s?
We caught a sex show -- wonderment to watch.
This chick had knockers like two great big hams.
Now what I’m ‘bout to tell you, keep hush-hush.
She did things with that candle made me blush.

Posted by annika, Jun. 21, 2005 |
Rubric: Poetry


"like two great big hams"?

Posted by: Mark on Jun. 21, 2005

I like it

Posted by: Scof on Jun. 22, 2005

They keep getting better.

Posted by: Trevor on Jun. 22, 2005

Bravo! You are a monumental talent. Truly the entire blogosphere admires your poetic glory.

Posted by: Pursuit on Jun. 22, 2005