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June 05, 2005

Sucky CD Giveaway

i'm trying to clean out some stuff this afternoon and i found these in my closet. An old beau left them with me years ago. i hate throwing shit like this away. i could sell them on eBay, but that seems like a lot of trouble. So if anyone wants these six sucky CDs, i'll give them to you for free.


They are Chris Isaak's Heart Shaped World; The Lightning Seeds' Cloudcuckooland; k.d. lang's Ingénue; Sweet's The Best of Sweet; Roy Orbison's Mystery Girl; and Springsteen's Lucky Town. An eclectic mix.

Let me know if you want them by clicking here. Too late. We have a winner!

Posted by annika, Jun. 5, 2005 |
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You went out with a guy who liked Sweet so much that he purchased their greatest hits? Wow, I'm speechless. What an extraordinary lapse!

Posted by: Pursuit on Jun. 5, 2005

Fuck, how can you give away Roy Orbison and Chris Isaak?

Posted by: Casca on Jun. 5, 2005


How can you give away "Sweet"? Their album cover is blown up 10x and posted above my bed.


Not that it's my business, but did you break up with this ex-beau over music taste? If you did, I clap my hands in your direction.

Posted by: Mark on Jun. 5, 2005

Hey, I really dig that Lightning Seeds album. "Pure" is a terrific pop tune. Maybe it's just my eighth grade nostalgia, but they are truly an underrated "group" (it's just one dude, actually - Ian Broudie). I even bought a couple of the band's other discs off ebay ("Perfect" is another great tune).

Also, giving away Chris Isaak? For shame.

This is a good idea. I've got TONS of crap CDs stockpiled from my college radio days.

Posted by: Micah on Jun. 5, 2005

Their album cover is blown up 10x and posted above my bed.

i'd rather be on somebody's bed and blown 10x.

sorry, toooooo many shiner bocks.

Posted by: louielouie on Jun. 5, 2005

oh yes, pure is the only good song on that cd, tho. and i have some bad memories connected to the chris isaak album so i never listen to it anymore.

Posted by: annika on Jun. 5, 2005

"i'd rather be on somebody's bed and blown 10x."
You are absolutely correct LouieLouie, exept you're not ShrimpLouie.

As for the rest of you cretins, you're cretins. Poor Roy, anyone want a bootleg of "Black & White Nights"?

Posted by: Casca on Jun. 5, 2005

Very poetic of you louie. :)

Posted by: Mark on Jun. 6, 2005