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March 29, 2005

Tuesday TV Thoughts

i'm a huge Nadia fan. i love her style. But she was flat tonight. i mean she wasn't in key. It was painful.

i had high hopes for Anwar when he auditioned. He's a voice teacher, but Randy is right. He's not been good for quite a few weeks in a row, and only saves himself with some big notes at the end.

Carrie. i've been expecting her to do "Independence Day" ever since she auditioned. That was like a given. i think she sewed up the Sean Hannity audience tonight.

Scott. Ho-hum. Federov. Yawn.

Niko. i'm with Randy. That was a'ight. Just a'ight.

Have you tried that Coke with lime yet? Too sweet for my taste.

Do you miss Mikalah? Me neither.

Constantine's appeal is too narrow to hold much longer.

Vonzell has a black belt? That's not surprising, 'cuz she's kicked ass two weeks in a row now. Carrie was good, but not as good as Martina. Vonzell was absolutely just as good as Whitney on her song tonight.

In my mind, Bo, Vonzell and Carrie are the front runners.

House, Scrubs or Jim? Please, isn't there anything better on Tuesday night? The Amazing Race is out, because i've reached my tolerance limit for reality tv.

i could always study. There's a thought.

Posted by annika, Mar. 29, 2005 |
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I see how deep I can stick a K-bar in my arm.

Posted by: Casca on Mar. 29, 2005

What no love for House (sadly we pronounce it to rhyme with "moose")?

That's one of our new favorite (non-HBO) television shows.

AI---I'm bored by it right now. Carrie is good, and she's not hard to look at either. But, she...she's not that good.

Vonzel is the winner right now.

Posted by: Robbie on Mar. 30, 2005

Oh my gosh...you totally missed out not watching Amazing Race last night...the second episode that they aired was like my favorite episode of reality tv, ever!

Posted by: ginger on Mar. 30, 2005

I'm pretty much burned out on reality tv too. Survivor, American Idol, Apprentice, Real World, eh, just aint as good anymore. But ya might wanna reconsider The Amazing Race. That's one of my favorite shows, always manages to be entertaining up to the final episode.

Posted by: Ron Turner on Mar. 31, 2005