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March 13, 2005


Keep in mind that i know nothing about college hoops.

My final four picks are as follows:

Illinois (1)
Georgia Tech (5)
UConn (2) Kansas (3)
Duke (1)

UConn will beat cinderella Georgia Tech again for the National Championship by a score of 83 to 71.

Update: Okay okay. People think i'm crazy. i get it. Thankfully, i can change my mind all the way up 'til Thursday.

i still think the Albuquerque bracket is weak enough for Ga Tech to sneak through. They did split the two games against Wake Forest this year.

But on UConn, i just read that their freshman backup point guard got suspended for "an unspecified violation of team rules." He wasn't valuable to the team, with only 3 points and 3 assists off the bench. But these things have a way of fucking with team chemistry, and the competition in the Syracuse bracket looks to be the toughest of the tournament.

So my new scenario has UConn losing to Kansas, who then beats dark horse Florida to advance to the final four. Duke then beats Kansas in a squeaker to avenge their 2003 loss and advance to an all ACC final. Duke then beats Ga Tech by a score of 80 to 65, to win their fourth National Championship.

Posted by annika, Mar. 13, 2005 |
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It's like a time warp. This is the same result as last year's tournament.

Posted by: physics geek on Mar. 14, 2005

I don't think Georgia Tech makes the Sweet 16. And I sure as hell hope Duke loses in round one.

Posted by: Rodger Schultz on Mar. 14, 2005

UCLA!!! What about them????

Posted by: Roger on Mar. 14, 2005

Roger, if UCLA beats Bobby Knight, I will be floored. They have the talent to do it, of course -- more than TT -- but I just don't see it happening.

Annika, I love that you have Carly Simon on your epigram. That song makes me happy, even if my second wife once claimed it always seemed like it was my theme song. (Wasn't it written for Warren Beatty?)

I'm going with North Carolina. It's Roy Williams time.

Posted by: Hugo on Mar. 14, 2005

i heard it was written for Mick Jagger?!

Posted by: annika on Mar. 14, 2005

Oh, hell yes.

Go Blue Devils!

Posted by: zombyboy on Mar. 14, 2005

Actually now that i think of it, Hugo, i think it was written about Warren Beatty, but Mick sings backup on the song.

Posted by: annika on Mar. 15, 2005

"Duke then beats Ga Tech by a score of 80 to 65, to win their fourth National Championship"

From your keyboard to God's eyes...

Why yes, I AM a Blue Devil fan. How did you know?

Posted by: physics geek on Mar. 15, 2005