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March 09, 2005

Poker Party Details


Come and check out annika's Blogversary Poker Party on Yahoo! Poker. Everyone is invited. Sit down and play a few hands, or just stop by to say hi. No money is involved, just bragging rights.

You have to have a Yahoo! id first. Then log on to Yahoo!, go to the Games page and click on Hold 'Em Poker in the Card Games menu. Then look for me in the room called "Angel." Sorry, i fucked up. i'll be in the room called "Social Lounge 2," at table 26, and i'll be using the Yahoo! id annikagyrl.

Hope to see you there!

Update: It's pretty busy in there. Social Lounge 2 is full. We're going to Beginner Lounge 2 now.

Update 2:
Okay, it's full now too. Use this backdoor site, if you haven't given up yet. Click on Beginner Lounge 2.

Update 3: Well, that was pretty much a bust. Only Casca and Lawguy were able to get into the room before it closed. i got booted a few times, and even the backdoor was screwy. i never seen Yahoo! Games be so difficult. Oh well, sorry to everyone who tried but were unable to log on. Maybe next year.

Oh, i broke even, too.

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So far, this sucks... which lounge?

Posted by: Casca on Mar. 9, 2005

Happy Blogversary.

Posted by: Wayne on Mar. 9, 2005

Where are you at?

Posted by: BD on Mar. 9, 2005

I'm gettingdrunktryin to logon to the severer. Anyway, Happy blogversary!

Posted by: d-rod on Mar. 9, 2005

Dammit, and I wore my white silk jammies with the blue piping for this? sheesh!

Posted by: Casca on Mar. 9, 2005

I could not get in!


You should come some real poker with me online. Let me know and I will give you all the 411.

Posted by: Frisbeedude on Mar. 10, 2005

"No, u should cum, i got a real poker." Would be the correct approach.

Posted by: Casca on Mar. 10, 2005