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January 27, 2005

What Day Is It Kids?

It's annika munuversary day!


Happy Munuversary to me!

Posted by annika, Jan. 27, 2005 |
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Posted by: cube on Jan. 27, 2005

Congrats!! Keep it up.

Posted by: Pursuit on Jan. 27, 2005

Happy anniversary from a fan from our old blogspot days...

Posted by: Hugo on Jan. 27, 2005


Posted by: Victor on Jan. 27, 2005

Annika turns one
I'd cook her a juicy steak
if I had money

all the pixies shout:
"Annika! Queen of MuNu!"
then they snort cocaine

Kirsten Dunst has tits?
that is neither here nor there:
Annika is GOD

getting more deranged
haiku slips out of control
like a surprise fart

Annika with knife
carves her name into my balls
and writes, "I've turned ONE!"

Annie: Valkyrie
dressed to look like Joan of Arc
sword? or chrome dildo?

Congrats, A.


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Jan. 27, 2005


Posted by: annika on Jan. 27, 2005

I'd leave a haiku myself but where I come from gentlemen don't do that till at least the third date :)

Congrats miss Annika.

& as for who would play you in MU: the Muvie - that'd be tricky. I can't think of anyone who possesses your class or looks. You'll probably have to portray your damn self :D Just make sure there's one scene with you in Daisy Dukes? lol

Posted by: Publicola on Jan. 27, 2005

Are we drunk yet?

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 27, 2005

we are not drunk yet
silly rabbit
coke is for kidz
lets do better and get groovin kev

Posted by: annika on Jan. 27, 2005

Another annika?

Posted by: annika on Jan. 27, 2005

Happy Anniversary! Yay!

Posted by: Ron (Naughtypundit) on Jan. 28, 2005