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January 13, 2005

Hate Mail

i get hate mail every once in a while. Not too often, thankfully, since i'm a relatively little known blogger. But Michelle Malkin, because she's a published author, television pundit and columnist, who also happens to be beautiful and a filipina American, must get a ton of it. i was shocked to see the number of haters who defaulted to the "w" word, which seems to be the insult of choice whenever an attractive woman gets "uppity." The letters are pretty disgusting, and i don't know how Michelle deals with all that abuse, but God bless her, she does.

And (if i may be allowed a bit of hypocrisy by doing some name calling of my own): Disgusting Lard Ass Ollie Wills shows his true colors yet again by condoning these racist and mysogynist attacks and even adding a racist slant of his own. i won't link to the fatbody because he is probably the biggest asshole in the blogosphere.

There's a culture of hatred on the fringes of the left that is seldom recognized or denounced. It exists on the right too, but today most conservatives reject that type of extremism vehemently when it appears in our own ranks. i know of examples of such rejection in the blogosphere in the form of public "de-linking." Kevin's criticism of Michael Savage, with which i agree, is another example. But on the left, where Bush hatred and anti-Christian bigotry are so encouraged and mainstream, it must be hard for some people to avoid giving in completely to their own hatred. In the end, the rhetoric of these types becomes as vile as the worst Nazi or Klansman.

B. Preston of JunkYardBlog summarizes the problem best, i think:

It's clear to me that the left has a problem. It is a political movement full of bigots. Anti-Americans at the core, anti-Christians over here, race bludgeons and hucksters over there, leftists who hate everything that isn't absolutely sterilized of all traces of faith over there, a death cult that pushes what amounts to eugenics through unfettered abortion over there, and all ably led by a bunch of potty-mouthed Hollywood elites who wouldn't give a nickel for the country that made them rich. The rank-and-file, the types who send Michelle Malkin racist emails her way on a daily basis and they types who never lift a finger to purge the movement of the racists, are just as bad as the elites. If you weren't, they wouldn't be elites, would they? You make them 'elite' by listening to them and voting for them.
While it's certainly unfair to paint everyone on the left of the political spectrum as a hater, i do wish there were more opprobrium directed at this type of bigotry and hatred from within the left.

Posted by annika, Jan. 13, 2005 |
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Not to mention the dumbest. He is living proof that there is no link between talent, and the desire to perform.

Posted by: Casca on Jan. 13, 2005

I'm not sure I've ever agreed with Michelle Malkin. On the other hand, I'm just speechless after reading what has been sent her way. It's vile garbage, and I shudder to think that I might share the politics of those who sent it her way.

I'm a white Christian heterosexual male who happens to love country music, Jesus -- and socialist politics. But you see, no one ever calls me a traitor to my people, even though I should be solidly Republican according to those who insist that there is a link between our origins and our worldviews. I'm so sorry that Michelle has to put up with this crap, but I imagine she has developed a remarkably thick skin over the years...

And I cannot imagine anyone sending dear sweet Annika anything other than verbal bouquets.

Posted by: Hugo on Jan. 13, 2005

The Internet is heaven to passive-aggressive types who can blast away at someone without face-to-face confrontation.

When you open your email, scan it for an abusive sentence. If you see one, imediately delete the email without reading it. Life is too short to put up with abusive emails or comments.

Posted by: Jake on Jan. 13, 2005

The more extreme the viewpoint, Annika, the more extreme the rhetoric. Regardless, there ought to be decorum in the Blogosphere, just as in everyday life. Having said that, and having read your post, I find myself recalling John Kerry jumping up on stage to declare Whoopie Goldberg's toilet-mouth diatribe against President Bush during a Democratic Party fund-raiser as being the epitomy of "Family Values" in this country. He unabashedly embraced her and her antics. If he can endorse her egregious public vulgarity and garner 50 million votes, than I suspect Michelle Malkin will continue to be the subject of nasty, off-color emails and "Comments" to her posts. It's a shame, its reprehensible, but it's a commentary on how much some people like to roll around in the pig trough.

Posted by: B.A. Higgins on Jan. 13, 2005

Pretty disgusting. And all this time I thought Malkin was an American. Guess there is different classes of American that Liberals haven't kept me updated on. Who knew?

Posted by: Pursuit on Jan. 13, 2005

No one is more condescending to minorities than liberals, & no one is more enraged by minority conservatives. If Dems aren't the ONLY plantation for po' oppressed darkies, then ... what's left?

Posted by: jeff on Jan. 15, 2005

Michelle Maulkin has written quit a few outstanding articals I have had the pleasure to read. As for the slime that writes such emails- are just what they are slime.
It has come light in the last few years just how tolerant the left is- zilch.
They claim to be teh Black man or womans best friends - but yet they keep them in welfare projects and low income housing.
They cliam to be the womans best friend by aloowing them to kill their babies all in the name of a "RIGHT".
They claim to be "the working mans " party (potty)
but yet increase his taxes so that the elite pay little....
As for the potty mouth morons of Hollywood, as time will go on we will continue to see more and more trash shows and movies come out of it. Already we are seeing the decay in "free" TV with very suggestive secenes in shows and more suggestive commercials all the time.
But look at the bright side of things, they are scared now because they can no longer feed us PROGRAMED NEWS anymore....

Posted by: ikw3804 on Jan. 16, 2005
I'm a white Christian heterosexual male who happens to love country music, Jesus -- and socialist politics.

C'mon Hugo, every time I start to like you you've got to throw a tsumani of frigid water on me! This will give you nightmares but here's the truth: HILLARY CLINTON WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT!


Posted by: Radical Redneck on Jan. 17, 2005

Oh, I'll take Obama as president, Gavin Newsom as veep anytime. Hillary can have Health and Human Services.

Posted by: Hugo on Jan. 18, 2005