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January 06, 2005

Give It A Rest

Matt Laueur is interviewing Amber Frey... again?! Dude, if she's worth a half dozen interviews, do ya think you could have mixed in at least one swiftboat veteran interview last year?

For cryin out loud, Laouer just teased yet another segment with Frey and Allred later on in the show. After Kiki interviews Michael More, of course.

This is why i never watch the Today Show.

Update: My God, he's huuuuuge! They're avoiding any long shots that expose the gigantic-ness of his body, but i think his seat is about to collapse.

Update 2: First he explains the Democratic loss by admitting that the Republicans got out the vote better. Then later he complains that Congressional debate about alleged Ohio vote irregularities will be stifled today. Inconsistency? If so, Kiki didn't notice.

Update 3: Tim Graham at The Corner watched it too.

Leftist filmmaker Michael Moore was awarded seven and a half minutes of air time in the 7:30 half hour of Thursday’s 'Today' show to offer his political analysis of why the Democrats failed to oust Bush. Katie Couric felt that wasn’t enough, so she invited him back an hour later for another eight minutes and forty seconds of air time, or 16 minutes, 10 seconds overall. While Couric tried to suggest that maybe Hollywood liberalism hurt the Democrats (and even noted the 'vitriol...you seem to embody'), she also inaccurately promoted Moore’s latest book as 'new' and 'currently on many bestseller lists' when it came out in October and is ranked #1,547 on Amazon.com.

Posted by annika, Jan. 6, 2005 |
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God, that man disgusts me. I desperately want to be there when he detonates like Mr. Creosote in The Meaning of Life.

Posted by: Matt on Jan. 6, 2005

i actually tolerate Moor better than i do Kiki Couric. More has the redeeming qualities of being up front about his partisan bullshit, plus he's occasionally funny and self-effacing. Kiki bugs me because she tries to hide her obvious Democratic bias.

Posted by: annika on Jan. 6, 2005

I think Laueur is trying to get into her pants.

Posted by: Victor on Jan. 7, 2005


Just wanting to see how how you are doing since the days of YHS.

Bob Knight
YHS Class of '67

Posted by: Bob Knight on Aug. 13, 2005