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November 30, 2004

i'm Gonna Be The Head Greenskeeper, Hopefully Within The Next Six Years, That's My Schedule

Here's my schedule. Last day of class is this Friday. The following week is reading week, then from the eighth through the twenty-third is finals. My last final is actually earlier than the twenty-third though, which will give me a chance to party up here and then make it home for Christmas. Then it's back up north again for the second semester in mid January.

Blogging should be light, but you all know how i am. i'm addicted. So i'll probably post stupid shit once in a while during study breaks or whatever. i've got a few blogger interviews in the works which you'll want to stay tuned for as well. Actually, i'm gonna post a fun interview with Ginger of Candied Ginger on Thursday, so be sure to check that out. Then another really special annie-conversation later on in the month, just to keep you visitors visiting.

P.S. Speaking of interviews, Matt Rustler did mine a couple of weeks ago and i know the whole blogosphere is awaiting that posting with feverish anticipation.

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Oh, an interview with Ginger and Matt's interview with you? What a glorious week! And will you still have time for poetry Wednesday?

Hang in there, go bears go and all that.

Posted by: Hugo on Nov. 30, 2004

How much X-rated content will be edited?

Posted by: d-rod on Nov. 30, 2004

Premium subscribers to www.annikahotandsweaty.com get full access, as always. Where've you been D?

Posted by: annika on Nov. 30, 2004

It's on the way! No X-rated stuff to cut, I'm afraid; PG-13 at the worst. I figured I'd leave the truly nasty stuff to Kevin Kim. (I considered throwing in some random, off-color questions just to see how she reacted -- e.g., "spit or swallow?" -- but I decided I had too much respect for Annie to resort to those tactics.)

Posted by: Matt on Nov. 30, 2004

What about subscribers to the sister site - www.annikai'lldothingswithheelsyouneverimaginedor wantedtoimagine.com ?

Posted by: Publicola on Nov. 30, 2004

Mega-bonus points for the Caddyshack quote, Annika. Shame on the rest of you people for not catching it first. And dammit, none of those other sites seem to work. ;-)

Posted by: Dave J on Dec. 1, 2004