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November 23, 2004

Rather Quits, Sort Of...

Dan Rather has finally succumbed to the inevitable, and the expected. He is stepping down from the CBS Evening News. i feel good about that, because i was one of the many voices urging CBS to fire him after he presented those forged memos in a transparent attempt to influence the presidential election. But i'm not patting myself on the back too hard. Rather's retirement was anticipated long before the scandal, and though his reputation is forever tarnished, he was not fired like he should have been.

Bill at INDC Journal has more:

Unfortunately, it only smells like victory, because ...

1. Rather's still working for 60 Minutes.

2. The findings of the independent investigation are overdue.

3. No action has been taken against Producer Mary Mapes or CBS News President Andrew Heyward. In contrast, the CBS News producer that dared to interrupt the final minutes of 'CSI' was canned within a few days. That says a great deal about their priorities.

If you're so inclined, i think its an excellent time to hit CBS with another round of e-mails calling for Mapes' and Heyward's

As before, you can contact CBS News by clicking here.

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Posted by: reagan80 on Nov. 24, 2004

There's still a lot of the mood of journalistic independence within Murrow's hallowed walls. A journalist won't be fired unless the journalist is personally responsible for completely fabricating a story.

The fascinating thing about Rather is that he never saw himself as an anchor. He saw himself as a reporter who happened to be behind an anchor's desk. I'll grant that he was (why am I referring to him in the past tense?) slightly insane, but better to be slightly insane than to be plastic.

Posted by: Ontario Emperor on Nov. 24, 2004