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October 26, 2004

Mad About Bush

[i thought Helen Hunt got killed at the Pyongyang Peace Conference. Apparently not.]

What really pisses me off about the new Helen Hunt political TV spot is the arrogant assumption that all single women are lock-step liberals. i can tell you, we are not.

However, i do agree that "We can make the difference. We are the difference." In fact, i think the unholy alliance of media-entertainment-academic elites may be surprised at the difference we make, when women voters help deliver the election to George W. Bush next week. Perhaps very surprised.

While i still think that overall, Kerry will win a majority of the female vote, i don't think it will be by the Clintonian margins Democrats took for granted in the 90's. The Christian Science Monitor noted in September:

Democrats have long held an edge among women voters, a slight majority of the electorate, and grown to count on them to offset the Republicans' persistent advantage among men. Traditionally, women have given extra care to issues that favor Democrats, such as healthcare, education, and Social Security. Now, the war on terror - and the way Bush is playing it - appears to have shifted that calculation somewhat.

'Bush is trying to reassure them on healthcare and education, saying those things are important, but really it's security,' says Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. 'Women give him a 23-point advantage on security, and that's what's really driving their vote.'

Time Magazine originally had the female vote split evenly before the first debate, then gave Kerry a dubious 14 point post debate bounce among women. A swing like that doesn't seem credible to me, and i'm inclined to believe that the final result will show a pretty striking gain for the GOP among women voters. If anyone has more up-to-date polling info, feel free to let me know in the comments.

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Similar vein: just saw Barbara Boxer's campaign ad. Her message for the 21st Century: "I will NOT allow us to go back to the days of back-alley abortions!!!"

Fear-mongering much? I guess this is the issue on which the Woman of Today is going to pick a president in wartime.

Posted by: jeff on Oct. 26, 2004

For many naive women it is still a one issue election. But thankfully, not all of us look at everything through the prism of abortion.

Posted by: annika on Oct. 26, 2004

For some reason I always liked Mad about You, even though Paul Reiser played too much of a whiny bitch for me to take. More and more as the "new media" takes hold, these celebrities and academics and media elites will realize what you and I and many know: we don't give a fuck about their 2 cents.

Posted by: Scof on Oct. 26, 2004

ARUGH! This annoys the hell out of me too. 4 years ago this single woman voted for the right man, damn it!

Posted by: Jennifer on Oct. 26, 2004