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September 27, 2004

The Winner, Part 2

way to increase hits
hold a contest then withhold
ha ha the winner

Plus, i have a real tough time with decisions. Each of the haikus had at least one thing i really really liked, and of course i knew how eagerly my visitors awaited the announcement of the winner. The wagering, i imagine, was frenzied.

However, the more i read the nine finalists, the more my aesthetic sense gravitated toward this one, by gcotharn:

Groesbeck, Texas sits
sleepily west of Waco,
until the bar fight.
What i like most about it is that in the first two lines nothing is happening, then in the last line, something happens. i think that's great. It's almost Basho-esque, don't you think?

So, the winner of the Joe Don Baker Haiku contest is gcotharn! My condolences to everyone else. Remember the Olympics? It's not whether you win a medal, just being there makes you a winner, right?

Gcotharn will now proceed to the winners circle, where he will drink a glass of champagne (at his own expense) and e-mail me with instructions on how he wants to claim his fabulous prize, which i have already selected for him.

Posted by annika, Sep. 27, 2004 |
Rubric: Poetry


Come grab ewe elations, gcotharn!


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Sep. 27, 2004

An excellent choice, annika. Congrats, gcotharn!

Posted by: Victor on Sep. 27, 2004

Kick Ass! Champagne! I once won a gift certificate for the best call to a radio talk show. That pales in comparison. Thanks.

Posted by: gcotharn on Sep. 27, 2004

Yay! Congrats gcotharn.

Posted by: Ted on Sep. 27, 2004

Congrats! But:

reading annika
total defeat revealed
winter grips my heart

Posted by: Hugo on Sep. 27, 2004

That's it! I'm swearing off poetry! A promising career cut short by a broken heart. I hope you monsters sleep well knowing the pain you've wrought!


Congrats, gcotharn.

Posted by: Matt on Sep. 27, 2004

...except that annika didn't exactly "hold" the contest. It's more like she tolerated it.

Posted by: Victor on Sep. 27, 2004

As Bulldog says on
Frasier, "This is complete and
total bullshit!". sike.

Posted by: Scof on Sep. 27, 2004