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September 15, 2004

The Secretary

Am i the only one who saw 60 Minutes II tonight?

i think CBS rushed the interview with the secretary onto the West Coast broadcasts only, because there's no word of it on any of the blogs i've checked.

She was probably well coached beforehand. She agreed with all the allegations raised by the forged memos, while at the same time denying their authenticity.

Her demeanor seemed credible, but i have to ask. With this lady out there, why did anyone feel the need to pull such a clumsy forgery stunt?

Score one point to CBS, apparently.

By the way, Rather was positively disgusting. He visibly sighed with relief after one of the secretary's statements. And he did his best to keep spinning this story in his favor.

So now we're supposed to forget about the forgery and talk about Bush? i ask again, if this lady was out there, why the forgery?

And despite the secretary's comment that Killian's son "wouldn't know nothin'" there's still the matter of Killian's wife and son.

Posted by annika, Sep. 15, 2004 |
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yes, you are the only one.

Posted by: d-rod on Sep. 15, 2004

If CBS wanted to get at the truth, the why didn't they have Killian's wife and son on, as well as the secretary? Why haven't they interviewed experts who challenge the authenticity of the memos, as well as those who defend them?

It seems to me that they have positioned themselves as stakeholders and participants in this issue, rather than as journalists reporting on it.

Posted by: David Foster on Sep. 15, 2004

Chuckle, that's the drowning man bobbing for the second time. I couldn't possibly contrive prolonging such a weak stupid subject into sucking all of the media oxygen out of the campaigns. Folks, it aint gonna be close.

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 15, 2004

Here's an obvious thing that is bugging me. The secretary is on the record(Houston Chronicle- I think) saying she used an Olympia typewriter, then switched to an IBM Selectric in the early 1970's. She DID NOT use an IBM Selectric Composer, which would've been neccessary to produce the proportional spacing. The IBM Selectric DID NOT produce proportional spacing.

How long is Dan Rather going to play dumb? He's giving credence to the secretary's story about Colonel Killian's private thoughts, but not giving credence to her story about the typewriter she used???

I hope the Abilene Kinko's lead breaks this story wide open. I hope the FBI gets search warrants for Burkett's computer, and charges him with several felonies.

Off with Dan Rather's head! I'm feeling carnivorous. VERY. Its time for real men to stand up and establish some Old Testament law and order- along with women who know how to stand up like men. Gary Cooper in High Noon. Wyatt Earp. Karen Seymour- the Martha Stewart prosecutor, and my home-girl from Ft. Worth Southwest High School. Karen Seymour knows how to establish law and order. We need Karen to take a bite out of Dan Rather's backside.

Posted by: gcotharn on Sep. 15, 2004

I'm on the East coast and saw it, and thought it pathetic. Rather's somber, serious attitude as if this once and for all answered the question was ridiculous. What bothered me was his insistence that while "these" documents were forged, the assurance that there were "real" ones typed by the secretary that were "just like" them. What the hell does that mean? Why don't they produce those instead then? It was a farce. Even if the secretary is being truthful--which she "sounds" like she is, it's again, an undocumented, hearsay kind of thing that's being passed off as proof. To go to these lengths over a possible Bush military career of favoritism and laxness in both his following orders and the military's non-reaction to it (sounded like this kind of thing happens all the time, just pisses people off, but not disciplinary action) is silly.

Posted by: susan on Sep. 16, 2004

For crying out loud, the woman is 86 years old and has a crystal clear memory of something that happened when she was about 50? My parents are in their mid 70's and sometimes can't remember what I told them last week. How much coaching did she get to "remember"? How much money did Rathergate operatives pay her or her family?

Posted by: Outlaw3 on Sep. 16, 2004

One other thing. If John Edwards can channel aborted fetuses, why can't Dan Rather channel dead TANG Colonels?

Posted by: Outlaw3 on Sep. 16, 2004

"while 'these' documents were forged, the assurance that there were 'real' ones typed by the secretary that were 'just like' them. . . . Why don't they produce those instead then?"

i predict that CBS and Burkett will say the real ones were "sanitized" by Bush operatives, and don't exist anymore.

Posted by: annika! on Sep. 16, 2004

Amazing how Rather delusionally believes doing that segment (i did reluctantly watch it later) in his best BabaWawa voice will absolve him in the eyes of his viewers. What hubris.

Posted by: d-rod on Sep. 16, 2004