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September 14, 2004

Realize Your Womanly Qualities Through Better Handwriting

So when Sister Mary Margarita kept smacking my knuckles with that ruler in first grade, she was really only trying to help me fully realize my womanly qualities.

The "top" expert who examined CBS and Dan Rather's forged documents -- the only document expert they have identified, who has said that he cannot authenticate the memos without examining the originals, who never saw any originals because even CBS doesn't have the originals, and who has since been told by CBS to stop talking to the media -- is not even an expert on the very issues that prove the documents are forgeries.

[I]n a 1995 California court deposition obtained by The Post, Matley acknowledged that he had no formal training in a document lab, in identification of papers, inks or "machines, typewriters, photocopies." He also acknowledged he'd had no training from the U.S. Secret Service, FBI, U.S. Army, California Department of Justice or any other law-enforcement body.
Instead he's apparently some sort of New Age handwriting guru.

Have you emailed CBS News today?

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Clearly, all bloggers...or at least the female ones...must start putting up handwritten posts, so that readers gave a chance to evaluate the appropriate qualities.

Do you think the qualities vary, depending on whether one is blogging in pajamas or not?

Posted by: David Foster on Sep. 14, 2004

Actually the quality does vary with attire, so it would be best to put up a pic of the blogger in question as she is writing the handwritten note to post. Sveral pics actually as the cut of the "jammies" as well as the material can influence the penmanship to varying degreees. (I believe the experts say a clingy silk allows for the best evaluation of handwriting, but I'm not sure why the experts have to be wearing a clingy silk set of jammies to make such determinations)

"...Matley said he could analyze a woman's handwriting 'to show her how she can have her womanly qualities fully realized."

Now I've used some pretty messed up lines in my day to attempt to eagage both inebriated & sober ladies in conversation, but I've never even contemplated stooping that low. Maybe its just the clubs I was in when I was younger,or perhaps the quality of women I encountered, but any talk that included the phrase "womanly qualities fully realized" would have resulted in having my "masculine qualities completely questioned & degraded".

I don't know why they picked him (though I have a few speculations) but one thing is for damn skippy:
Matley will not be appearing at this years Players' Ball.

Posted by: Publicola on Sep. 14, 2004

Something tells me this pajama meme isn't going away anytime soon.

Posted by: annika on Sep. 14, 2004

I am a man who works by day
I still wear pajamas the old fashioned way
I put them on one leg at a time
And then go to my blog to begin to opine

Stonewalling old scum still dominate these days
Spinning their tales from scandalous fakes
They cite their experts with incredible zeal
Ending their legacy with stupidity for real

Posted by: d-rod on Sep. 14, 2004

What did I come here to say?

Posted by: Casca on Sep. 14, 2004

Xrlq said to come by and say "hi". So, welcome to the Bear Flag League!! Please enjoy this lovely fruit and cheese basket :)

Posted by: Ith on Sep. 14, 2004

Annika, where's that quote from? I can't find it in the WashPost article you've linked to, or in today's Rathergate article.

Posted by: Chuckg on Sep. 15, 2004

Rather interesting, trying to figure out how long Rather can hang on, Rather than resign. : )

Posted by: J Thomas Lowry on Sep. 15, 2004

Chuck, check the NY Post article i linked to in the first paragraph. Or google the quote.

Posted by: annika on Sep. 15, 2004


Posted by: Chuckg on Sep. 15, 2004