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August 03, 2004

Blog Future Feature Failure 1.0

Whatever happened to Rip On Matt Iglesias Week? While doing the research for the upcoming, and feverishly anticipated feature, i discovered that he is actually very boring, despite his impressive credentials. So i lost interest in the idea.

Coming next? A string of teasers related to a blog future feature entitled: Bang On Kevin Drum Week.

Posted by annika, Aug. 3, 2004 |
Rubric: On The Blogosphere


Can't wait to read this Annika. I check out Drum frequently and just can't believe people take him seriously. He's the classic know-everything with some conspiracy-driven red-meat snark thrown in for his commentors. What in the hell are his credentials exactly?

I frankly consider him a bit of a coward. He supported the Iraq War initially but once something went wrong, he changed his mind. You just don't do that so quickly if you truly understand what war entails. It is never going to go 100% in your favor.

Posted by: Blake on Aug. 3, 2004