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July 28, 2004

HK Speech

Excellent analysis of HK's speech here. She is a very weird lady, and i do not want her in the White House.

This is clearly a woman who thinks and feels that she is the one paying the bills, so she gets to call the shots. I can imagine that Sen. Kerry has had to put up with a lot of this, but has made his peace with it, considering the financial benefits.

None of the details of her marriage would be of the slightest interest to me or anyone else, if it weren’t for the fact that her husband could well be the next President. A man bought and paid for, with a willful, short-tempered, somewhat angry and defensive, egotistical spouse, one who is used to getting [her] own way whenever she demands it.

. . . She is, in fact, his primary source of his livelihood. Just as we would demand to know about a candidate's job, we deserve to know about Teresa, who pays far more lavishly than any other job Kerry could hold.

Don’t forget that without the loan he took out on the Beacon Hill mansion bought with HER money, his Presidential campaign would have collapsed in late 2003. It was that money alone which kept him going, until Howard Dean imploded in the early primaries. It was precisely this ability to keep campaigning when others had to quit over lack of financing which caused the Democrats to finally turn to him as candidate. You can be certain that Teresa never lets her husband forget that.

Nor should we forget it.

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Here are some good comments by Peggy Noonan-

Teresa Heinz Kerry
It was weird that she didn't talk much about her husband--if she doesn't have special insights or stories to share on him who does?--but it was fun when she dealt with her verbal indiscretions by breezily calling herself "opinionated." What saves Mrs. Heinz Kerry is a singularity, an individualism, and a retained femininity. She seems like someone who'd come to your house with homeopathic medicine if you had a sinus infection.

But there's a disconnect. There is about her too an air of grievance--the sighs, the resigned shrugs--as if she feels she has been a victim of unusual suffering. She seems not to have noticed that all her life she has been a child of privilege. It's odd. I wonder sometimes if some liberals have somehow never been told that bad things happen in life, and are constantly perplexed by whatever misfortunes befall them.

Hillary Clinton
was in comparison cold, robotic and too heavily botoxed. At a certain point Botox can become a problem for those in public life. Mrs. Clinton now has to pop her eyes out to show excitement. Worry lines are honorable, and in Mr. Clinton's wife they are understandable. She should keep them. [...]As always she seemed full of certitude and lacking in sincerity.

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