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July 26, 2004

HK Fires Off

By now, you must have heard about Heintz-Kerry's* bizarre "shove it" melt-down with that reporter. i thought it was hysterical. i mean, she just got done giving a speech about civility in politics. And all the guy did was ask her what she meant by "un-American."

She's a freak. i've met people who do the same thing. They say something to you and then one minute later adamantly deny that they've said it. i went out with a guy who would do that and then try to bully me into doubting my own ears. Just like HK did. Only when she denied it, there was an audio recording as proof. Now she just looks crazier than she already looked.

i really don't think Heintz-Kerry is a stable person. i mean emotionally. It's just an impression i've gotten after watching her these last few months. You just watch, she'll melt-down a few more times before Kerry's handlers get wise and sequester her until the election.

Another incredible thing about this episode: i can understand HK not realizing her mistake, she hadn't listened to the proof of what she said. But what's this guy's excuse? He links to the video, then says that

the 'reporter' in question attempted to attribute a quote to Mrs. Kerry that she didn't say.
Huh? She did say it, i heard the audio myself.

Dude needs to listen to the audio again, this time without holding his hands over his ears and saying "lalalalalala."

Liberals. *sigh* Whatareyagonnado?

Link via Sean.

Update: Malkin noticed HK's craziness back in January.

* Yes, i have decided to bestow the mis-spelling honor upon her.

Posted by annika, Jul. 26, 2004 |
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The counterpoint we are hearing is that Cheney dropped the F-bomb on the Senate floor...my feeling is that is THK wants come off like Cheney more power to here. It'll just drive up here negs, make Laura seem even better as a 1st lady and distract from Kerry's (weak) message.

Posted by: Scof on Jul. 26, 2004

I do think she is vain and condescending and unstable in the way a shallow shoot-off-their-mouth person is unstable. All that said, I get a kick out of her.

You can read her pretty well through facial expressions and body language. Lots of times she will be on the stage and she is body-language screaming that she is completely bored and disdainful of the claptrap emanating from the microphone. Also, who among us doesn't love someone who tells a reporter to "shove it?" Un-First-Lady-like-- but you gotta love it at some level!

One thing that drives me crazy about her is her hair. All that money for "constantly in my face" hair?! Does this bother anyone else?

Also, re the "f" bomb, John "Gangster" Kerry intentionally laid down a couple in the same MTV interview. He's down wit da kids, G!

Posted by: gcotharn in Texas on Jul. 26, 2004

Yeah, like we need the JHK crew running the show in the White House.

Causes one to pause, what if Al Gore had won? We would have been in such deep tapioca with that maroon at the helm.

The four of them are out of their minds. Really.

Posted by: joe on Jul. 26, 2004

True confessions time... I've actually had to deal with extremely wealthy people on a regular basis. If there's an immutable law about money, it is that the more you have, the absofuckinglutely whackier you are. Think about it... Hughes, Old Joe Kennedy, Pick-a-Rockefeller (I miss the good ole days when that plagerist twat loved to tell the story of Rocky's mechanically inflatable penis, and inconvenient death in the company of his young concubine.), and how about that dwarf from Texas with the squeaky voice? Yes by Summer's end, she'll be known as "Crackers".

Posted by: Casca on Jul. 26, 2004

BTW, Oliver Willis is a well-known flaming rectum.

Posted by: Casca on Jul. 26, 2004

"HK Fires Off"
Coincidence or expertly crafted gun pun? For a moment I thought the enrty supra was gonna be a range report on one of Heckler&Koch's excellent products.
Your a shameless tease.


Posted by: Jasen on Jul. 26, 2004

Re: the hair. i thought the same thing about Martha Stewart.

Re: the HK. Yes, it's a cleverly crafted gun pun.

Posted by: annika! on Jul. 26, 2004

That should've been you're, not your and entry, instead of enrty.


Posted by: Jasen on Jul. 27, 2004