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July 21, 2004

Lynda Rondstat

Shelly asked me if i was going to comment on the Lynda Ronsdstat controversy. i don't have much to to say on that, except for the following:

At least she had the guts to say what she said in front of a hostile audience in this country. That's more than i can say for the Dixie Chiks.

Also, what she said wasn't so bad. She just recommended the movie. It's not like she said she was ashamed to be an American.

i think what she said about Christians and Republicans is more offensive.

Anyway, whatever. Who cares about her anyway? She made one good record, a long time ago with Nelson Riddle, and her career's been AWOL ever since.

Link thanks to Jen.

Posted by annika, Jul. 21, 2004 |
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Most folks think her "Trio" recordings with Emmylou and Dolly are spectacular... I am among them.

And I think the behavior of the crowd at the Aladdin was unfortunate.

Posted by: Hugo on Jul. 21, 2004

i was gonna say something about the crowd, but the story seems exagerrated to me. Anyway, it's not much different than the behavior of this kid's history teacher.

Posted by: annika on Jul. 21, 2004

I think if you pay $250 a seat, you have a right not to be subjected to left-wing propaganda.

If you have been warned that the artist has lost her mind and you still go, then you should sit through the propaganda without objection.

Posted by: Jake on Jul. 21, 2004

O.K. Annika, I guess I am sorry I asked. But, "guts"? Nope, maybe just in need of some ink.

Posted by: shelly s. on Jul. 21, 2004