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July 15, 2004

List Of Sniveling Cowardly Wimp Nations

The following countries are sniveling cowardly wimps:

Dominican Republic
New Zealand
The Philippines

Posted by annika, Jul. 15, 2004 |
Rubric: annikapunditry


my question? why are they there in the first place was it for self interest of so-called interest of doing America a favor. Thank God we have troops and the means to defend ourselves.

Posted by: Dex on Jul. 15, 2004

Annika, could you use a different term, like "wimps" or "cowards" or "doomed"? After all, pussys have definite good points and are good for some things; these nations don't deserve that much respect.

Posted by: shelly s. on Jul. 15, 2004

shelly beat me to it.

Posted by: candace on Jul. 15, 2004

how about wussie?

Posted by: annika! on Jul. 15, 2004

Nah, just a nicer word for the real thing. Let's go with "sniveling cowardly wimps".

Posted by: shelly s. on Jul. 15, 2004

Oh all right.

i aim to please.

But i want to go on record that by changing the title of this post in response to criticism, i am in no way inviting the additional criticism that i too am a sniveling cowardly wimp just like those countries on the list.

Posted by: annika! on Jul. 15, 2004

Oh. Darn. And I was all ready to take you for task (in my normal ringing prose) for associating the female genitalia with cowardice. Nothing quite so funny as a thrice-divorced man lecturing a younger woman about misogyny, is there? And you robbed me of my chance.

Posted by: Hugo on Jul. 15, 2004

I liked the old title better. Dammit.

Posted by: Xrlq on Jul. 15, 2004

Sheesh, i can't please everybody. i'm beginning to feel like George W. Bush.

Posted by: annika! on Jul. 15, 2004

You forgot France--the second time. They should be at the top and bottom of any such list to frame the argument.

Posted by: DBrooks on Jul. 15, 2004


Posted by: Brent on Jul. 15, 2004

Good choice Annie, but we can all agree that France needs special recognition; they are black belt status.

And, congratulations to all of the rest of you who are restraining yourselves from calling Annika a "P____".

I, too, as a man old enough to be Annika's father, should not be lecturing our beloved blogger on the use of female genitalia to describe weakness.

God knows,it has overcome most of us more than once.

Posted by: shelly s. on Jul. 15, 2004

One problem with the original nomenclature: the French are afraid of those, too.

Posted by: Xrlq on Jul. 16, 2004

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