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April 12, 2004


Where are all those assholes who, just a few months ago, were complaining that Halliburton was paying its employees too much for working in Iraq? Was Thomas Hamill getting paid too much?

Posted by annika, Apr. 12, 2004 |
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So because of him the entire argument is invalidated. I think not.

Posted by: glenn on Apr. 12, 2004

Yes Glen, the argument is invalidated. In order to get civilian workers to risk their lives the pay must be increased. It's simple risk versus reward. One must only take a high school economics class to understand the concept.

Posted by: Jonathan on Apr. 12, 2004

Hey Jonathan you clown. It always cracks me up when someone brings up an opposing political viewpoint and out comes the "you're dumb" comments.

How about this? It would only take the common sense usually possesed by 8 year old schoolgirls to know not to question someone's intelligence just because they disagree with you.


Posted by: glenn on Apr. 13, 2004


Please do a little reading before you perpetuate myths:

Halliburton made $46 million in operating profit on $1 billion in revenue from Iraq operations in 2003. That's a 5% gross margin.

Then when you add interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization net profit is a lot less, around a 1%-2% net margin.

Would the evil "profiteer" liberal Halliburton myth put up with an avalanche of BS from people like you and the NYT, etc. AND its employees being killed for a 1%-2% net profit margin?

Please shut the fuck up about Halliburton and move on the the liberal criticism du jour about Bush...you're about 8 weeks behind.

Posted by: Jason O. on Apr. 13, 2004

Jason, I think you need to tell Annika to "shut the fuck up" considering that she was the one that posted this just yesterday.


What's that? Nothing to say? Annika brought up the discussion? I'm painted into a corner now so I better think of something witty to say?

Posted by: glenn on Apr. 13, 2004

Sorry, i'm lost. i agree with what he said, but i disagree with him.

Posted by: annika on Apr. 13, 2004

A poor try to dodge the issue you brought up: You posted that the "argument" against Halliburton is not "invalidated" by Thomas Hamill.

The point (made by KBR's 2003 Iraq income statement) is there was never an "argument" to begin with: The Halliburton squealing is an appeal to the emotions of antiglobalization, anticorporation and anticapitalist liberals.

You want a real Iraq scandal? check out the UN oil-for-food billions being casually thrown around during the 90's...although I doubt you'll be interested in that because it involves sacred cows like Kofi Annan's son, France and other parties who were "profiteering" with Saddam to starve the Iraqi people.

Posted by: Jason O. on Apr. 14, 2004

So I am a “retard” and a “clown” because Glenn claims I called him dumb because he has an opposing viewpoint? Interesting…

I was simply trying to explain basic economic principles.

Posted by: Jonathan on Apr. 14, 2004

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