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April 01, 2004

Air America

i'm leaving for lunch in a few minutes and i intend to get into my car and see if i can pick up Air America Radio. i haven't been able to tune them in at work because AM reception is sketchy inside our building.

i checked out the website. What a loser line up. Jeannine Garofalo? Al Franklin might be amusing, but Garofalo has always been so inarticulate whenever i've heard her on talk shows. She displays all the rhetorical problems of amateur leftist pundits. Dodge, change the subject, ad hominem, change the subject, say something idiotic, when challenged on it, claim you were joking, change the subject, talk over your opponent, change the subject, claim your opponent won't let you speak then refuse to answer their question, change the subject, etc., etc. . . .

And Chuck D? That's the best they could do? Two comedians and a rapper?

Some say that the liberal network is bound to fail. i disagree. The liberal media have a vested interest in propping it up. They won't let it fail, even if it sucks and no one listens. An analogous example is the WNBA. Even though WNBA games play in empty arenas, and nobody watches it on TV because it's boring basketball, the league just won't die. Nobody wants to pull the plug because it wouldn't be PC. So they keep trying to ram womens pro ball down our throats, long after sports fans have rejected it.

Update: Well, i listened to part of Al Franklin's show and i was so impressed, i can't tell you. The man is brilliant. Even though he focused solely on bashing Bush and the administration along with conservative talk show hosts, and he never mentioned Kerry, Franklin inspired me to change my way of thinking totally. i now plan to vote for John Kerry and i am re-registering as a Democrat. i am now a liberal. Thank you, Al Franklin!

Oh, by the way, besides being my birthday, today is April Fools Day. Happy April Fools Day everybody!

Posted by annika, Apr. 1, 2004 |
Rubric: annikapunditry


Shouldn't April Fool's jokes be at least somewhat believable? ;-)

Posted by: Dave J on Apr. 1, 2004

Happy b-day. :D

I have to agree with Dave J; you going Dem would be as believable as me blogging for stricter gun control laws, or favoring the M16 over the Garand.

But it was a nice try though. :)

Posted by: Publicola on Apr. 1, 2004

HaHa.. Next thing you be telling us that you and Frank J. just got hitched at McDonalds or something. Happy birthday!

Posted by: d-rod on Apr. 1, 2004

Saeng-il ch'uk-ha heyo!

Happy Birthday!


Posted by: Kevin Kim on Apr. 1, 2004

How miserable a cause they have when they are using Janeane Garofalo as mouth piece. A more uninformed idiot would be hard to find.

(Well, no. Hollywood is full of 'em.)

Posted by: Mark on Apr. 1, 2004

LMAO!!! Janeane Garofalo had potential to be a human being. About eight years ago. Pity.

And, please accept my humble apologies for missing your birthday. I hope it was a blast!

Posted by: emma on Apr. 2, 2004

Garofalo's career peak was the Sheriff's deputy in Cop Land....great movie, BTW.

But not the best looking plant in the store...I'd probably sleep with Chuck D before Garofalo.

Remember the Al Franken heckler bodyslam? Does anyone know why he was not prosecuted for assault and battery?

Posted by: Jason O. on Apr. 2, 2004

is it me or do Courtney Love and Garofalo get their hair done at the same car wash?

Posted by: jcrue on Apr. 2, 2004

Who is sexier - Franken or Garofalo? Never a better example of faces made for radio. Buon Compleanno!

Posted by: Rich on Apr. 2, 2004

My hand hurts like Hell™ from spanking you! All that rollerblading sure paid off!

Posted by: Radical Redneck on Apr. 2, 2004

Oh! Happy Belated Birthday!

And your sarcastic AF joke...you're silly.

Posted by: serenity on Apr. 3, 2004

Liberal talk show radio has not existed for a reason; no one is listening.

All of us who do listen to the radio are in our cars going to or coming from work, or in the middle of our work days traveling.

The non-working, sponging part of our society is home watching their plasma color HDTV's. The only time they move their Cadillacs from in front of their houses is to go pick up the checks we provide them each week/month at what we used to call "Club 55".

I predict a long life for Franken and Garafolo (they deserve to marry each other); about as long as the recent Donahue Show lasted on MSNBC.

Posted by: shelly s. on Apr. 4, 2004

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