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March 21, 2004

Left Of Center With A Sense Of Humor

It is refreshing when a leftie isn't so damn angry that he still retains a sense of humor. OLDCATMAN is one, and his newest blog is quite funny. He's retained the allcaps, but thankfully he's toned down the font size for more pleasant reading. i loved this graphic:


LOL, i'd love to see that kind of ballot in November! Thanks, OLDCATMAN.

Posted by annika, Mar. 21, 2004 |
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Thanks for the comments---I like comments from folks
who have the intellect to write and not report...................
The CAPS: I am actually using a Capitals font as my default font.....and upper case is larger....I change now & then!

Posted by: OLDCATMAN on Mar. 22, 2004